Hissho Are Ready For Supremacy


Amplitude Studios is about to present the latest expansion to the 4x-strategy Endless Space 2. Called Supremacy, the DLC introduces the Hissho Major Faction to the game as well as adds a new massive galactic platform available to all Factions: the Behemoth Ship.

Right before the DLC goes live, the developers have published a blog post dedicated to the new faction, the Hissho.

Tempered by steel and battle, the Hissho evolved from avian ancestors on their Home Planet of Uchi. Focused on the constant wars between their own tribes, they lived ignorant of the different species roaming the galaxy until they were picked up by the Endless, augmented and then quickly put to the test as gladiators fighting in the decadent arenas of their new masters. How long this period of mindless slaughter for the pleasure of their overlords lasted, none of them could say, and of this bygone age only memories of slavery and exploitation remain, along with those of glory and adulation.

Ruled by Tokso, the Hissho are a military-oriented society that uses a new gameplay element called Keii (which translates to respect or deference). It is a special new resource that can be replenished only through battle and can be used for special abilities of Hissho fleets. Powerful and versatile,  they can easily switch between straightforward and devious loadouts thanks to numerous polyvalent slot modules capable of hosting both support and defense or attack modules.

Crushingly strong on the offensive, the Hissho will only fall if you cannot sustain your war economy and let your Keii wither away.

As a faction well versed in the art of combat, it’s no surprise that the Hissho would mostly house heroes focused on warfare and space battle. They are therefore best suited for admiral positions thanks to strong damage and fleet upkeep bonuses but if push comes to shove, they make decent governors… as long as your goal is to make your system a manpower and spaceship factory.

Check out the Steam blog post to learn more about the Hissho and see the detailed traits.

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