Hit the Beach with Guns Blazing in PUBG Survivor Summerfest

Hit the Beach with Guns Blazing in PUBG Summerfest

Krafton has announced that PUBG Survivor Summerfest has now launched into PUBG: Battlegrounds. It includes new content, events, and a Street Fighter 6 collaboration. Players will also find a much-improved Arcade experience with this latest update. The event will run from now through September 13th, so there’s plenty of time to score some unique rewards.

Developers released an all-new trailer to celebrate the arrival of the annual event.

The event offers players chances to win in-game and real-world cash prizes simply by participating in a specially-themed series of missions. Players will want to hit the event hub to see what tasks are on offer. Once done, everyone heads into the game to get it done and collect all the goodies for the effort.

By clearing objectives, players earn Summer Stamps that are well worth the effort to collect. These stamps offer players a chance at “being one of the randomly selected winners to receive rewards like a new summer-themed nameplate, G-COIN, and/or a high-end gaming PC.

Starting July 25th, players will be able to play as some of Street Fighter 6’s most iconic players during battle-royale matches. These heroes include Chun-Li, Ryu, Luke, and Cammy. A number of SF6 items will also be made available to purchase during this event that runs from July 26 to September 19.

Other features of Summerfest

  • Bluebomb Rush Mode will debut in the overhauled Arcade. This is a new game mode for players to try out that will yield Arcade Points. Players can trade these in to earn some new in-game rewards.
  • Special Drop events are landing in game during Summerfest. Players can earn a helmet, an emote, the Hunter’s Chest, Contraband Coupons, and more.

Grab all the details by visiting the PUBG official site.

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