Hit The Neon Streets Of New Balita When Glitchpunk Launches Into Early Access

Glitchpunk cityscape shot

Glitchpunk is set to launch into Steam Early Access next month when players will be able to kick up some cyberpunk chaos on the streets of New Balita.

Glitchpunk developers Dark Lord and publisher Deadalic have announced that the top-down cyberpunk adventure Glitchpunk is set to drive forward into Steam Early Access on 11 August with the mean streets of New Balita hosting the upcoming chaos. Providing nearly eight hours of GTA 2 inspired action, New Balita is just one of the many locations that will eventually be available to users entering the future when they pick up Glitchpunk.

The very first metropolis will play host to a glitching android set against its own programming and out to take down the tyrannical governments and megacorps of a dystopian near-future. You’ll brawl, steal, and carjack your way through a city full of drug-crazed gangs, aggressive police, and irresponsible drivers that make each mission and playthrough utterly unpredictable. The town of Outpost Texas will load up a few weeks after the initial launch as Glitchpunk’s first major update. Adding another six to eight hours of gameplay, this follow up will provide even more avenues to tear down while utilising a variety of over the top weapons to overcome 12 different gangs.

Later during the early access period, players will also get a chance to try out Neo Tokyo and Moscow, each with their own flavour of disaster. If you’re not quite as excited as we are about this new cyberpunk dystopia, take a look at the teaser trailer in our previous update or check out the official Steam Store page for Glitchpunk now.

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