Hitman 3 Season of Gluttony Events Dated

Hitman 3 is about to embark on the Season of Gluttony, the fifth act in the Seven Deadly Sins DLC. Events will be running throughout the month of September starting this Friday, September 3. To celebrate the Season of Gluttony, IO Interactive released a trailer to showcase all of this month’s events.

Here is what players can expect:

  • September 3 – The Procurers Elusive Target – Two well-traveled individuals have found themselves in Dartmoor. The Procurers each have unique talents; one is a famous chef behind some of the world’s most innovative cuisine. The other is an embalmer. Together, they’ve forged an unusual bond and made some powerful enemies. That’s where you come in. From September 3rd, you’ll have 10 days to finish them.
  • September 9 – Bangkok is free to play – HM3 owners and Free Starter Pack players can enjoy this location for 10 days.
  • September 9 – Featured Contracts by Screen Rant – A bountiful batch of gluttonous Featured Contracts is in the works at Screenrant and they’ll be ready to devour on September 9. The theme is gluttony and Chongqing is the destination.
  • September 17 – The Food Critic Elusive Target – Wen Ts’ai is one of the world’s most highly influential food critics. He has an incredible eye for detail and will criticize the smallest of errors. He’s recently acquired a security team to protect him whilst he samples the Himmapan hotel’s award-winning dishes. This is your moment to strike.
  • September 23 – Featured Contracts by the H3 community – The second batch of Featured Contracts this season is in the hands of the Hitman community. The best submissions will be reviewed by IOI and added to the game for all players to enjoy. Expect creativity, intricacy, and a lot of fun.

Read up on all the month’s events by visiting the Hitman 3 official site.

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