Hitman 3 Season of Greed Plans Revealed

IO Interactive has published the Hitman 3 roadmap for the Season of Greed. The Season of Greed is the first of the “Seven Sins DLC collection” that includes tons of new content as well as a new escalation, unlockable suits, and more. Pieces of content will be released from now through May 6th when a new season will presumably begin. Greed can be purchased as a standalone DLC for $4.99 or it can be purchased as part of the Seven Deadly Sins package for $29.99.

Whether or not the DLC is purchased, all HM3 players will receive some free content including:

  • Seasonal Event: The Berlin Egg Hunt (March 30 – April 12)
  • Dartmoor Elusive Target  – The Collector (April 9 – April 19)
  • Dubai & Dartmoor Featured Contracts: Two Angry Gamers (April 15)
  • Hawke’s Bay Elusive Target – The Politician (April 23 – May 3)
  • Escalation: The Jinzhen Incident (April 29)
  • Mendoza/Chongqing/Berlin Featured Contracts: Achievement Hunter (May 6)

Check out the full details by visiting the Hitman 3 official site.

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