Hitman 3 Season of Pride Detailed

IO Interactive has released the full details about the second major DLC in the Seven Deadly Sins collection for Hitman 3. Pride is now live across all platforms and can be purchased as a standalone DLC for $4.99 or the entire DLC package can be purchased for $29.99.

Pride comes with a bevy of content, both paid as part of the Seven Deadly Sins collection, and free to all players.

Pride content includes:

  • The Pride Profusion Escalation Contract
  • The Narcissus unlockable suit
  • The Proud Swashbuckler and The Majestic sin-themed weapons

Other content coming to Pride and the release date for each:

  • The Sebastian Principle Escalation on May 10th (released)
  • The Iconoclast Elusive Target (May 12-24)
  • Spawn On Me featured contract (May 20)
  • The Pascal Consortium Escalation (May 27)
  • The Hitman Community featured contracts (June 10)

All players will be able to participate in the following free content:

  • The Icon Bonus Mission (May 14-May 23)
  • Paris location (May 28-June 6)
  • The Black Hat Elusive Target (June 4-13)

Check out the trailer and then head to the Hitman 3 official site to learn more.

About Hitman 3 Season of Pride

The Seven Deadly Sins DLC continues with Act 2: Pride, taking you further into the mind of Agent 47. Prove yourself to be a proud assassin and gets your hands on some unique new gear and items; The Proud SwashbucklerThe Majestic, and the Narcissus Suit can all be yours. Unlock them by playing the Pride Profusion Escalation, where you’ll be faced with different challenges, depending on the selections you make… Find the peacock to begin…

Each act of the Seven Deadly Sins be purchased individually, or together at a reduced price as part of the Seven Deadly Sins Collection.

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