HOB Definitive Edition: Coming to the Switch, April 4th

HOB Definitive Edition

Publisher Perfect World Entertainment alongside developer Runic Games just announced HOB Definitive Edition will be available on the Switch as of April 4th. HOB originally launched for the PlayStation 4 and PC back in September 2017. The switch version will be ported by Panic Button. Special Note, users who purchase the game before April 17th will receive 10 percent off the $19.99 purchase price.

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About HOB

The creative minds behind Torchlight and Torchlight II brings players a vibrant and suspenseful action-adventure game set on a stunning world. Players are drawn deeper into mysteries and discovery as they navigate a planet in peril.


  • Wordless Narrative: Void of text and dialogue. Hob’s story is revealed by exploring the planet and interacting with those whom inhabit it.
  • Transform the world: Solving Puzzle’s and repairing the planet will transform the very landscape.
  • Abilities: Grapple, punch and warp.
  • Open World
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