Hob gets a release date of September 26th for PC and PS4!


Bought to you way back on December 2015 Hob is an action adventure game filled with some of the most incredible visuals as you try to save a beautiful planet filled with whimsical creatures from an unknown plague.


A mix of breathtaking machinery, steampunk and fantasy Hob is a little different from most adventure games because it is wordless letting you immerse in the world to create your own story as you put the pieces to all the puzzles together.

Hob offers a total package experience also offering abilities for your character and his large mechanical arm that gets you into or across to places you cannot access without it. Available on PC and PS4 all these factors alone make it a much-anticipated title we cannot wait to indulge in!

RUNIC GAMES are celebrating their release date with a “Name a Trophy” Contest running just for this week so get on their platforms and see if your genius will be immortalized in Hob!

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