Home Sweet Home Ep. 2 Steam launch date set

YGGdrazil Group and Ningbo Inception Media have announced that Home Sweet Home Episode 2 will be launching on Steam on September 25th. This is the sequel to the original game that blends first-person gameplay, a spooky story, and “mind-bending puzzles” into a seamless whole.

Episode 2 will begin where the original game left off. Tim is searching for his missing wife and is challenged to find clues to her whereabouts. He “must sneak, kill, and solve puzzles as he makes his way through the forest and beyond”.

To celebrate the launch day announcement, developers have released a brand new trailer to entice fans.

Learn more on the Home Sweet Home official site.

About Home Sweet Home Ep. 2

Key Features

  • Thai Inspired Horror – Explore a sinister world with environments based on Thai culture and a storyline inspired by Thai myths and folklore.
  • First Time Ever Combat – Tim can finally bring the fight back to the evil spirits pursuing him with an arsenal of weapons at his disposal
  • Multiple Enemy Encounters – evade or fight off multiple enemies simultaneously, making every encounter a unique blend of stealth and combat
  • Mind-Bending Puzzles – utilize investigation skills to solve intuitive puzzles and unlock more pieces behind the puzzle of Tim’s missing wife

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