Homeworld 3 and Homeworld Mobile Announced

Homeworld fans can get ready for a world of new content. The Gearbox panel at Pax West announced two Homeworld titles are coming on PC and mobile.

Pax Announcements

In a Panel at Pax West 2019, Gearbox launched a new slice of content for Homeworld with the news that Homeworld 3 is coming, and that isn’t all. The original hunt for Higara is back on as the original Homeworld game comes to mobiles too.

The third installment of the Homeworld series picks up from where the second Homeworld game left off. It will be developed by the very same studio that worked on the more recent Homeworld remastered collection and is just about to kick off a crowdfunding campaign. The developer confirmed that:

“Homeworld returns with the next chapter of the story. Homeworld 3 is the true sequel to the legendary space-faring RTS. Blackbird Interactive, founded by original Homeworld art director Rob Cunningham takes the helm on development”

While we won’t ruin the story for you, fans of the RTS title will likely be overjoyed to hear that a brand new installment of the franchise is coming. The original Homeworld launched in back in the early days of the RTS genre and blew away fans with a strategy title that took the established plateau and expanded the whole thing up into a fully 3D environment. This Sci-fi-fi strategy had incredible visuals, huge depth, and a fantastic narrative arc that still pulls me back to this day.

Homeworld Mobile

In a second piece of hype, the same Pax West panel also revealed a mobile port for the first Homeworld game. The mobile port is being handled by Stratosphere Games and we didn’t get a whole lot more than that. The teaser trailer, below, gives a glimpse of the incoming experience and it looks a whole lot like the recently remastered edition rather than the original graphics, which is ultimately a pleasing thing.

If you want to back the Homeworld 3 crowdfunding campaign, keep an eye on the fig website for this project. For fans that want both, there’s even early access to the mobile port for backers of the new Homeworld project and you can check out more about the mobile Homeworld port at the game’s official website, when it goes live.


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