Homeworld Revelations Jumps Onto Tabletop Gaming

homeworld revelations

Homeworld, the cult classic sci-fi strategy series, is about to make a jump from desktop screens to tabletop gaming with Homeworld Revelations.

Mobius Entertainment just announced that preorders are now open a Homeworld port of a very different type. Unlike Homeworld’s upcoming mobile port, Homeworld Revelations is a tabletop RPG translation of the classic video game series. This new pen and paper adventure will give fans of the space faring RTS a new look at the Homeworld universe, putting players into the role of a crew member aboard of the Kushan fleet’s ships. Whether their ride is joining the Mothership on its epic trek across the stars or helping re-establish the Higaran home, there should be a huge array of outcomes and new insights for fans of the series.

Mobius has called on the expertise of active input from Martin Cirulis, one of the original writers of the videogame, and artwork from Aaron Kambeitz, one of its original artists to expand on the original game’s narrative. Players can expect to find out more about the Kushan people and the game’s major factions, like the Kadesh and the Taiidan. Secrets that lay dormant in the whirlpool galaxy might be revealed, or revelations about the great exodus.

If you’re already signing up to take to the stars again then pre orders have opened for Homeworld revelations. Featuring a number of different versions, the new TTRPG starts at £34.99 or local equivalent for the core rulebook, up to £69.99 or local equivalent for the Homeworld: Revelations Collectors Gamemaster Bundle. The Core rulebook is a 300-page full-color royal size (234xx x 156 mm) sewn hardback designed for ease of use at the table, while I am particularly taken by the Homeworld revelations dice set. 6 dice in total, 4 custom d6 Combat Dice featuring the Homeworld Logo and 2 custom d20’s featuring the Homeworld logo, come in starship gray with blue detailing that hit just the right aesthetic for this endeavor. Players picking up the call will also find a custom GM screen available for purchase in among the various game bundles already in taking orders.

Featuring lore from events of Homeworld 1 and Homeworld 2, Homeworld Cataclysm and Deserts of Kharak, this looks like a fantastic investment for fans preparing to leap back into the galactic core while we all wait on the eventual release of Homeworld 3. Check out more over on the Homeworld Revelations website now.

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