Honkai Impact 3rd Shared the First Look at Animated Short ‘Because of You’

Honkai Impact 3rd channel has been updated with the first look at the upcoming animated short titled Because of You, featuring everyone’s favorite Miss Pink Elf.

“The ending of the Flame-Chasers must be grand and spectacular. They were never perfect heroes, but they were the only ones to show up at that place and time.”

This story started with Elysia, and it will end with Elysia. So stay tuned to find out more once the full version of the animated short is released!

However, the imminent arrival of the animated short that will make everyone cry is not the only news shared by the developers. For those more gameplay-oriented, the Honkai channel has also been updated with the v5.9 Banquet of Helix trailer, spelling the arrival of the new S-rank Battlesuit Vill-V Helical Contraption as well as Story Chapter XXXI and Summer Event series.

The Elysian Realm’s story has been nothing short of exciting, and there is more to come in the upcoming version. Chapter 31 will be the longest Story chapter in the history of Honkai Impact 3rd. If you immerse yourself in the story, it should take about three to four hours to complete.

Are you ready for the final chapter of the Elysian Realm? I know I’m not.

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