Honkai Impact 3rd x Neon Genesis Evangelion Event Set To Break The Third Seal

Honkai Impact 3rd is about to get a Honkai Impact 3rd x Neon Genesis Evangelion collaboration event according to a new announcement from miHoYo.

With Neon Genesis Evangelion, or Eva for short, ready to round out the rebuild series of movies, it is inevitable that the new Eva movie would bring a ton of extra merch for fans of the franchise. Now, the team behind massive anime RPG Genshin Impact has confirmed that their earlier release is set to go full weeb as Angels descend on Nagazora. Alongside the announcement that we will see some truly iconic characters grace Honkai Impact 3rd, Mihoyo has dropped a concept trailer to give fans of both an idea of what to expect.

With the long-anticipated sequel Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time coming to screens on 23 January, Honkai Impact 3rd players can download the required update from 21 January, then ‘get in the dam robot Shinji’ from the 22 January. The update that will include the crossover event will be available across iOS and Android storefronts, as well as hitting the Windows client for this on the go hit.

“Neon Genesis Evangelion is a monumental work in the history of anime. Its core resonates with that of Honkai Impact 3rd as both Valkyries and NERV are ordained to fight for the world,” miHoYo’s CEO Liu Wei comments. “Evangelion has remained hugely successful for decades. The unprecedented level of anticipation for the latest movie proves the quality of the content released over the years to cater to its fans. I’m very excited about our upcoming collaboration because it can create something genuinely unique.”

For those of you that aren’t aware of Honkai Impact 3rd, this action RPG originally hit mobiles back in 2016 and follows a team of girls fighting to save a modern world from a dark corruption known as Hoinkai. It’s a distinctly anime narrative that should suit the upcoming Neon Genesis Evangelion event nicely. For more details check out the trailer and head over to the Honkai Impact 3rd website for more.

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