Honkai Star Rail – Learn More About Bronya, Clara & Welt

Honkai Star Rail - Learn More About Bronya, Clara & Welt

Following the introduction to the first limited event 5-star character Seele, HoYoverse is back to bring players up to speed regarding other Honkai Star Rail 5-stars such as Bronya, Clara and Welt. The trio is among those 5-star characters available in the discounted starter banner, the standard banner and in case you lose your 50/50 on the event banner.

Before we dive right in, don’t forger to check your in-game mail for some sweet extra Star Rail Special Passes if your Trailblazer level is above 10. Additionally, the in-game Embers Exchange has been updated with a new selection of monthly goodies – which means 5 more Star Rail Special Passes and 5 more Star Rail Passes (for the Standard banner). If you are playing Genshin, Stardust store has a new selection as well, including the Fates.

“Rumors are circulating about the next supreme guardian, who appears to be trapped in the Underworld. Is she being held by the nefarious “Wildfire” resistance group, or does the guardian-to-be have a rebellious streak? Nobody knows…”

One of the most important characters on Jarilo-VI, Bronya is the heir to the Supreme Guardian of Belobog and quite literally the future of the city. While young, she is extremely capable and well-regarded among the Silvermane Guards of the city. Bronya received rigorous education from an early age, and possesses the grace and affinity that is expected of an heir. However, after witnessing the abysmal conditions in the Underworld, seeds of doubt began growing in Belobog’s future leader’s mind.

When it comes to gameplay, Bronya follows the Path of The Harmony and wields the Wind Element.

Next on the list: Clara, the mysterious child under the protection of Svarog. Together with her companion, she follows the Path of Destruction and deals Physical damage.

“What motivates the leader of the Robot Settlement to aid a little girl with her hairstyle? And why does she walk barefoot everywhere? What mysteries surround the uncommon connection between a child and a machine? Will AI ultimately bestow blessings upon humankind, or catastrophes?”

A young girl raised by a robot in the Underworld of Belobog, her perceptiveness and tenacity are far beyond her years. For Clara, Svarog’s logical calculations are law and infallible. That is, until she realized that the results from “calculations” don’t always bring joy.

Last but not least is an important member of the Astral Express family: Mr. Yang, who follows the Path of Nihility and deals Imaginary damage. The wise and sophisticated former Anti-Entropy Sovereign who inherits the name of the world — Welt.

“Mr. Welt was once active in the glorious cause of saving humanity, with demeanor worthy of being called hero. Now, he is embarking on the path of the Trailblaze, leading the course with his extraordinary talents. He once fought for the world. As fate calls for him again, he will shoulder the duty of creating a brand-new history.”

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