Honkai: Star Rail – Check Out Firefly Myriad Celestia Trailer

Developer HoYoverse is back with another Honkai: Star Rail Myriad Celestia trailer, heavily focused on Firefly, the game’s upcoming limited 5-star Fire Destruction character. Titled Presently, Beneath a Shared Sky of Stars, it lets viewers take a glimpse into the past of this young woman as the war against the Swarm rages on Glamoth.

For once, Firefly is not alone. She shares a moment with other Knights before the fighting inevitably pulls them apart.

“Article 1 of Glamoth’s military regulations: Knights should feel honored to be born.”

Firefly is a member of the Stellaron Hunters and a young girl clad in a mechanical armor “SAM.” Born as a weapon, she’s afflicted with the agony of Entropy Loss Syndrome due to genetic modification. She joined the Stellaron Hunters in search of the meaning of life, relentlessly pursuing ways to defy fate.

When it comes to combat, Firefly possesses immense power. After using her Technique, she can summon her SAM armor and leap into the air, moving freely, with SAM attacking all enemies within a set range to enter battle. Each wave of enemies can have Fire Weakness forced upon units without Fire Weakness, lasting for a set number of turns. In the heat of battle, SAM will be operating in two forms.

In the initial form, using her Skill consumes HP but simultaneously replenishes her Ultimate energy. The less HP Firefly has, the less damage she sustains. When activating her Ultimate, SAM transforms into its second battle form — the dazzling Complete Combustion state. Alongside more potent Basic Attacks and Skills, her Speed and Weakness Break efficiency are also heightened. The Break DMG dealt by SAM is increased until the countdown for Complete Combustion ends.

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