Honkai Star Rail to Host a Boarding Preparation Special Program Stream

Honkai Star Rail characters in front of a train

Honkai Star Rail just announced an upcoming stream that will prepare players queuing up to board WebHoYoverse ’s train to the stars, and it arrive on 24 March.

honkai stream anoucnement

Hoyoverse just announced an interesting preview for anybody about to battle back the Honkai. Players waiting for the gaming phenomenon’s upcoming turn-based adventure can get a special preview of what’s coming soon. A Boarding Preparation Special Program stream will pull up onto socials at 07:30 PM (UTC+8) on March 24th. If you’re interested this means we can expect a preview of the game, it’s characters, and the mechanics that make it ahead of the full game release, as well as official confirmation of the full launch date. The pre boarding event seems to cement our expectation that the launch of this new title will happen on our around 26 April 2023. The final beta for Star Rail finished in February, pre-registrations are filling up nicely, and at one point the Apple App Store tagged the launch for this date. While we don’t know that for sure, it’s convincing and we can’t wait. Honkai Star Rail marks something of a deviation for the Otaku behind Genshin Impact. Taking artistic inspiration from its already successful titles, this follows on manages to slow down the tempo, change up combat, and still feel more lived in than the likes of Liyue. You can find out what I mean in the Gamescom 2022 Honkai Star Rail trailer.

If you haven’t already, take the time between to register for the free to play adventure across iOS, Android, and PC. Not only will you end up first in line but there’s with plenty of free loot for signing up. 20 free pulls are pretty much guaranteed at this point thanks to the in game gacha system, so head over to the official website now to check out more about Honkai Star Rail and get all the loot you deserve. You can check out the upcoming stream on Twitch and YouTube later this week.

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