Honkai Star Rail – Version 1.2 Trailer & Preview

Developer HoYoverse held the special program dedicated to the upcoming Honkai Star Rail Version 1.2: Even Immortality Ends. During the stream, the team unveiled the story trailer that you can find above. The livestream also shared some details about the trio of the upcoming characters – Blade, Kafka and Luka – and outlined new events, missions and more.

“All things, be they divine or mortal, find their ultimate end. It is not a harsh punishment but a merciful pardon.”


It’s time for some Stellar Jade budgeting! During the stream, the devs have revealed the contents of the upcoming character banners as well as 5-star Light Cones. If you have been looking forward to recruiting some Stellaron Hunters, you are in luck! Note that players can also acquire a free copy of Yukong and Herta from the version events.

Honkai Star Rail – Version 1.2 Phase I Banners:

  • When: July 19 to August 9;
  • 5-star Blade (Wind/Destruction); 4-stars Arlan (Lightning/Destruction), Sushang (Physical/Hunt) and Natasha (Physical/Abundance);
  • Blade’s signature 5-star Light Cone “The Unreachable Side” will be on the weapon banner in addition to 4-stars;

Honkai Star Rail – Version 1.2 Phase II Banners:

  • When: August 9 to August 29;
  • 5-star Kafka (Lightning/Nihility); 4-stars Luka (Physical/Nihility), Sampo (Wind/Nihility) and Serval (Lightning/Erudition);
  • Kafka’s signature 5-star Light Cone “Patience Is All You Need” will be on the weapon banner in addition to 4-stars;

If you want to look even further ahead, HoYoverse recently introduced three more characters that might be coming in Version 1.3.


  • New Echo of War boss – Lord Ravager Phantylia. Has three phases, uses the powers of both Abundance and Destruction and drops materials for Blade, Kafka and Luka;
  • New Companion Quests for Yukong & Kafka;
  • New Areas: Alchemy Commission & Scalegorge Waterscape;
  • Tales of the Fantastic event – the crisis on the Luofu has subsided, and stories of the feats of the Nameless can be heard on every street corner of the Luofu. The storyteller, Mr. Xiyan of Starskiff Haven, seems to be interested in your adventure;
  • Simulated Universe: World 7 – in World 7’s Immersion Devices, Trailblazers can exchange for the Planar Ornaments Rutilan. Finishing it for the first time awards a copy of Herta;
  • Underground Treasure Hunt – Belobog has recently seen a “Treasure Hunt” craze. Large numbers of relics have appeared in the Underworld, and they seem to have something to do with the ancient ruins in the Great Mine…
  • Where Are You, Mystery Trotter? Recently, the civilian scientist Regin’s sensor picked up a new reading. The cause of the abnormal readings is discovered – it appears to be… a mysterious Trotter?
  • The Voyage of Navis Astriger – The Forgotten Hall has collected memories about the Xianzhou. New challenges await… Event awards a copy of Yukong (4-star Imaginary/Harmony).
  • New Planar Ornaments – Rutilant Arena & Broken Keel 2-pc Relic sets.
  • New Relics – Longevous Disciple & Messenger Traversing Hackerspace 4-pc Relic sets.
  • Gift of Odyssey login event – 10 special rolls for 7 days of log in, sign me right up!

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