Honkai: Star Rail – Version 2.3 Preview & Trailer

Honkai: Star Rail held the special program for the upcoming Version 2.3: Farewell, Penacony! With the Trailblazers’ adventures on the Planet of Festivities coming to an end, it’s time to wrap up the story and boldly move forward towards a new journey. In addition to the continuation of the main story featuring playable newcomers Firefly & Jade, this version will also mark the return of Sparkle and her long-teased bombs. Explosive fun awaits when Version 2.3 kicks off on June 19!

Let’s dive right in and see everything the new update has to offer, including new characters, Light Cones, the new Simulated Universe update, permanent game mode, QoL improvements, events, and more. Don’t forget to grab your promocodes, they’re only active for a limited period of time.

Story-wise, the Express Crew gets invited aboard the Radiant Feldspar to witness the Family discussions after the Charmony Festival. However, not everything is as simple as it might seem…

Honkai: Star Rail – Version 2.3 Character Banners:

The new Version features two new long-awaited characters: Firefly, a member of Stellaron Hunters and one of the key figures of Penacony, as well as Jade, a senior manager at IPC and a fellow Stoneheart to Aventurine and Topaz. They are accompanied by the first reruns of fan-favorite characters: Ruan Mei and Argenti respectively.

Phase 1:

  • 5-stars: Firefly (Fire Destruction) & Ruan Mei (Ice Harmony);
  • 4-stars: Gallagher (Fire Abundance), Misha (Ice Destruction) & Xueyi (Quantum Destruction)

Phase 2:

  • 5-stars: Jade (Quantum Erudition) & Argenti (Physical Erudition);
  • 4-stars: Serval (Lightning Erudition), Natasha (Physical Abundance), Asta (Fire Harmony);

Honkai: Star Rail – Version 2.3 Other Additions & Events:

However, Version 2.3 has a lot more exciting new additions besides the new characters and Light Cones!

  • New Trailblaze Mission: “Farewell, Penacony”;
  • New Area: The Radiant Feldspar;
  • New major Simulated Universe update: the Divergent Universe: The Human Comedy. Aside from the SU, Screwllum also created a new branch to the project that concerns the “human world” beneath the stars.
  • New Permanent Game Mode: Apocalyptic Shadow. In this mode, players will face against bosses they’ve defeated before. However, these manifestations will have some slight differences compared to their normal versions.
  • Optimizations and Team Setup Function for Apocalyptic Shadow, Pure Fiction & MoC;
  • New 5-star Erudition Light Cone added to Herta’s Shop: Eternal Calculus.
  • Origami Bird Clash event. An invitation to beta test Origami Bird Clash arrived from the Family. It shouldn’t be a scam, right?..
  • Stellar Shimmer event. A researcher on the space station is tinkering with another questionable experiment again…
  • New Relic sets: Iron Cavalry Against the Scourge & The Wind-Soaring Valorous;
  • New Planar Ornaments: Duran, Dynasty of Running Wolves & Forge of the Kalpagni Lantern (both drop from the Divergent Universe);
  • Players are also in for the usual Gift of the Odyssey login event, Planar Fissure (double SU or DU Planar drop) & Realm of the Strange (double Caverns of Corrosion drops);

Last but certainly not least, the developers went on to tease some upcoming characters, revealing a total of 7 silhouettes! All of the characters shown below are showing up to participate in Xianzhou Wardance, hosted on the Luofu. You can learn about two of these participants from Version 2.4 character preview.

  • The Xianzhou Yaoqing delegation: Feixiao, Jiaoque, Moze.
  • The Xianzhou Zhuming delegation: Xuaiyan, Yunli.
  • The Xianzhou Loufu welcoming party: Lingsha & unknown Legendary New Swordmaster – turned out to be a new Path for March 7th. Check out the SGF video below to find out more!

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