Horace Learns New Tricks And Gets New Game Modes


Horace, the critically lauded indie platformer, that we were pretty positive about too, is about to get a free content update packed to the brim with features.

This cinematic indie platformer is the work of two-man indie team Paul Helman and Sean Scaplehorn. Blending a heartwarming story with Metroidvania style systems, Horace follows the tale of protagonist Horace and the title’s adventures through pop culture. Drawing inspiration from recent indie games and a whole host of cinematic references, Horace even tips its hat with a range of arcade mini-games that you might recognize.

Added Extras

Aside from the already heartwarming adventure, Horace will get a range of new additions in the new update, all of which will allow players to interact with the world in new and ingenious ways.

  • The Time Machine: The Time Machine will allow players to revisit old boss fights completed during normal gameplay. By revisiting boss battles and achieving better results, players can unlock in-game movies and music tracks for the Cinema and Gramophone.
  • Cinema: Located at the top of the players’ mansion, the new cinema will allow players to re-watch their favorite cutscenes from the game. Cutscenes are unlocked through normal gameplay, by beating boss challenges in The Time Machine or by picking up a Bad RAM item from the game.
  • Gramophone: The Gramophone is unlocked within the Cinema and is where players will be able to listen to musical tracks featured in the game. Tracks are unlocked through normal gameplay or by revisiting boss battles in The Time Machine.

If you haven’t heard of Horace, you can check out this game over on the official website. If you do decide to jump into this retro-styled adventure then publisher 505 Games has lopped off 20% from today. Horace is out now on PC via Steam.

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