Horizon Forbidden West – Check Out the Cinematic Trailer

With the release of Horizon Forbidden West just around the corner, developer Guerrilla Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment have shared the cinematic trailer for the game. Join Aloy as she braves the Forbidden West, a deadly frontier that conceals mysterious new threats.

Previously the developers have taken to the official site to outline the game’s accessibility features. The team wants to bring as many fans as possible to the game and provide them with an immersive and accessible experience that can be enjoyed by everyone.

General accessibility settings allow players the option to change the size and the background used with subtitles for clearer visibility. Difficulty settings ensure that players will be able to get the experience they prefer, from Story Mode to Very Hard. Forbidden West also introduces the Custom Difficulty, which allows you to adjust damage levels that Aloy deals and receives to/from enemies, giving more flexibility in adjusting combat difficulty.

Turning the new Easy Loot option on means that any resource components that are still attached when killing a machine are added to its loot inventory. This lessens the need to detach those components during combat. This system is the default for Story and Easy difficulties as well as an option in Custom mode.

Check out the full blog post for the entire list of options, including gameplay assist settings, video/audio options and more.

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