Horizon Forbidden West – Game Director Shares More Details

PlayStation channel published a new video for the upcoming open-world action RPG Horizon Forbidden West, featuring Game Director Mathijs de Jonge as he shares new insight about the Zero Dawn sequel.

The game takes place in the distant future with players controlling a huntress named Aloy, who is set out on an epic quest to solve mysteries and secrets. As Aloy travels to the Forbidden West, she discovers stunning valleys, deserts and ruined cities. The landscapes may be stunning, but danger lurks in every corner. Players will discover dozens of new machines as they explore the new region. If you want to fight those new enemies effectively, each of the new machines needs to be scanned and studied.

The Forbidden West features another challenge: collapsing biosphere. As red blight infects the lands, it’s choking wildlife and starving animals and tribes. Additionally, weather spirals out of control, generating massive storms that flood canyons and fields.

The developers aim to release Horizon Forbidden West next year.

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