Horizon: Forbidden West Received Patch 1.08

Horizon: Forbidden West Received Patch 1.08

Guerrilla Games’ open-world action RPG Horizon: Forbidden West received a new patch, aimed at fixing known issues, introducing enhancements and improvements to reported issues as well as bug fixes. You can find the entire list of changes by visiting the game’s official Reddit community.

The team is continuing to investigate and tweak the reported graphical issues regarding shimmering, sharpening and screen saturation. Additionally, some players have reported issues with various types of traversal after the player fast travels to any campfire while gliding inside of a tornado or receiving reward after completing the Black Box Collectibles activity.

Horizon: Forbidden West patch 1.08 fixes a number of issues with the quests, especially with Aloy’s companions and reloading a game breaking fast travel/ability to leave the Base. The game received multiple graphics fixes and improvements in the cinematics as well as improvements in shadows and clouds.

Stability-wise, the developers have introduced multiple crash fixes, removed unintentional loading screens and black screens and more.

Several balancing changes to weapons and enemies include:

• Heavy Melee’s Ground Strike attack no longer stuns Aloy instantly.
• The Rebel Champion can no longer be stun-locked by focusing fire on their legs.
• Reduced the damage on strikethrough arrows.
• Fixed issues with the Servitor that made it unintendedly difficult to fight
• Fixed an issue where hitting a human enemy with a melee attack before triggering a Critical Strike would do no damage and would cause the enemy to break out of the animation.
• Set Aloy to invulnerable during knockdowns from the moment she hits the ground to the moment she gets up.
• This is to prevent players from receiving unfair damage while they can’t do any action to avoid it.
• The player can no longer dodge indefinitely while charging a heavy melee attack.
• Fixed an issue where some swimming robots could become idle if staggered by a player attack.

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