Horror adventure “Home Sweet Home Ep.2” announced for PC

Home Sweet Home Episode 2

YGGdrazil Group and Ningbo Inception Media have announced Home Sweet Home Episode 2 for PC and that it is coming later this year. The second game is the follow up to the Thai-inspired horror adventure game and comes packed with new stories, new chills, and new features.

Players take on the role of Tim, a man whose wife has disappeared. In Episode 1, Tim discovered that her disappearance is more than just mysterious, it’s “more sinister and evil”. Further, he determines that she isn’t the first to go missing this way. Episode 2 begins with Tim waking up in “a dark and mysterious forest” before setting off again to find his wife while being “unaware of the dangers” ahead of him.

“Deeply inspired by both Thai culture and folklore, Home Sweet Home Episode 2 oozes horror around every corner and within every shadow. Pursued relentlessly by a deadly and otherworldly Thai Dancer, Tim must race against the clock and through deadly enemies in his quest for information. Mind-bending puzzles hide clues to his progression as well as a series first – combat. Armed with an arsenal of weapons, Tim can approach every enemy encounter using stealth, brute force, or a combination of both.”

Learn more about Home Sweet Home Episode 2 on its official site.

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