Horror Exploration Game, Agony, to Launch with Roguelite Survival Mode

Upcoming exploration horror game, Agony, will launch with a new survival mode, aptly titled “Agony Mode.” The mode will borrow elements from popular roguelikes, tasking players to survive the depths of Hell through randomized stages and a single life. Warning: the trailer below is very much NSFW.

Unlike the original game mode, which sees the protagonist desperately searching for a way to escape the underworld, Agony Mode will take place in more defined levels with players competing for ranks on a global leaderboard. Madmind Studio describes these stages as labyrinthine mazes with walls of ice and bone, seeking out the mysterious Red Chamber. Levels will task players with completing quests, such as collecting figurines or killing a certain number of enemies, and will put an increased emphasis on the stealth and offensive gameplay styles learned throughout the campaign. Once a level has been completed, players will be able to choose to continue onward or choose to replay the map in the form of a succubus.

Agony is set to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on May 29, 2018.

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