Horse Thievery And Medieval Adventure As Rustler Gallops Into Early Access

If you’re looking for something a bit different this weekend, then saddle up as Modus Games releases Rustler, a medieval crime caper in Early Access.

Shut the barn door or you’re likely to lose an equine companion or two in the latest off the wall thug life adventure from publisher Modus Games. Just released into early access on steam, Rustler is an eccentric bit of grand theft horse that throws players back in time to a darker age where they can experience a bit of ye ‘olde thug life for themselves. Kicking back on the mean streets of an unnamed medieval town, Rustler challenges players to become a dark ages villain, completing silly quests, taking down heroes, robbing peasants, and making off with the king’s horses if you’re feeling fancy.

Dirty Deeds

Developed by the maniacal minds at Jutsu games, this open world action adventure definitely takes inspiration from Rockstar’s GTA but with significantly less horsepower. Playing as the Guy, yep you’re parents couldn’t afford a name, you’ll be able to follow a series of quest lines across a huge realm, eventually entering the Gran Tournament. Alternatively, there are plenty of clueless knights wandering the streets to mug and go rouge on. This mix of tongue in cheek pop culture references, bloody bladed violence, and trebuchets looks like a great escape back to a time when all we had to worry about was pestilence.

If you’re as interested in going rogue instead of settling down with a prince or princess of your own then check out the trailer for Rustler up above. You can grab Rustler over on Steam now in Early Access and you will have to pay. Sorry, no pinching this one please. If you’re not sure you have enough silver quite yet, there’s also a free demo available and a 10% discount for a limited time too. Right, I’m off to see what the local stockades look like.

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