Heroes of the Storm: Deckard Cain Spotlight

Heroes of the Storm team has announced the latest character to join the roster of available characters. Meet Deckard Cain, the last of Horadrim and the latest HotS’ Support hero, hopping from Sanctuary straight into Nexus. To bring players up to speed on his abilities and talents, the team has released a spotlight video you can find above.

Deckard Cain is one of the most important characters in the Diablo trilogy, making his appearance in all games of the series. Having survived the destruction of Tristram, Cain is the last in a long line of the Horadrim brotherhood. He is not a warrior mage, but is more of an archivist and loremaster, who does what he can to fight against evil by sharing the knowledge he’s accumulated over a lifetime of researching the demons that menace the lands of Sanctuary. He was inspired to study these topics as his mother inspired him with stories of his Horadrim ancestor Jered Cain.

You can find out more about Deckard by visiting the official site.

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