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HOTS Early Game Changes

As first mentioned during the BlizzCon2017 Opening Ceremony, Heroes of the Storm team is introducing a number of significant changes to the MOBA’s gameplay, including the early game. Check out the official blog post to find out more!

From the blog post:

The early game in Heroes of the Storm typically breaks down into two parts: the laning phase and initial battleground objectives. The laning phase offers opportunities for players to have small skirmishes in each lane, show off individual skill by outplaying opponents, and get in some early structure damage. During most games, the laning phase currently ends more quickly than we’d like, and outplaying an opponent in a lane doesn’t have much tangible impact on a match as a result.

With this in mind, we wanted to revisit these experiences to explore ways we could make improvements. We’ve re-evaluated our approach to many aspects of the early game, and made a variety of changes to structures, regeneration globes, mercenary camps, and even our objective spawns, to make laning more meaningful throughout a match.

So what is changing?

  • Ammunition is getting removed. Currently, structures have a limited number of shots that slowly regenerate ammo. This change will encourage more offensive play.
  • Standalone towers are being removed.  To compensate for the removal, their stats will be rolled into surrounding gate towers, forts and keeps.
  • True Sight will be added to Forts and Keeps to reveal enemy stealth Heroes within the structure’s attack range.
  • Regeneration Globes switch from Allied to Neutral after 3 seconds and remain available for either team for additional 3 seconds.
  • Objective Timers have been changed.
  • 30-second object spawn warnings to help players coordinate, reposition and change lines in time.
  • A number of mercenary camp changes.
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