Heroes of the Storm – Sylvanas & Stitches Gameplay Update

Heroes of the Storm Gameplay Update

Heroes of the Storm is going through a massive gameplay update. The developers are re-tooling the character classes. Instead of the currently present Warrior, Assassin, Specialist and Support categories, the game will utilize a new system. In it, all characters will be split among Tanks, Bruisers, Healers, Support, Melee & Ranged Assassins.

While most characters fit snuggly into their new roles, there are some outliers that require a bit more work to ease in in the new version of HotS classes.

Sylvanas Gameplay Update

Sylvanas Windrunner, the Dark Lady of the Forsaken, is a formidable Specialist who will wrack your lane if you leave her alone for too long. With Specialist class going away, the Banshee Queen is left with a need for an upgrade.

With improved team fighting capabilities, a higher skill-cap, and a whole new set of powerful and engaging talents, the Banshee Queen is back and better than ever!

Stitches Gameplay Update

Stitches, everyone’s favorite abomination, is moving from a Warrior to a whole Tank with the latest update. He gets more Hook talents and more “in your face” kind of gameplay.

With increased enemy interaction, powerful and engaging talents, and a whole new Abomination feel, the Terror of Darkshire is back and better than ever!

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