HotS – Hammer of the Naaru Giveaway, Raynor & Azmodan Rework

Yrel HotS Giveaway

Blizzard Entertainment has published a new blog post on the Heroes of the Storm community site. It shares the details of the currently held giveaway that gives you a chance to wield the mighty hammer of the Naaru for yourself.

n the Warcraft universe, the hammer previously belonged to Vindicator Maraad. After his death against Blackhand, Yrel used his hammer against the Iron Horde as a champion of the Light. The hammer is approximately six feet tall and comes with its own display stand.

How to enter:

The giveaway starts on June 28, 12:00 AM PDT and ends on July 12, 11:59 PM PDT.

  • . . . and we’ll contact you if you’ve won!

Raynor & Azmodan Rework Spotlights

Additionally, Heroes of the Storm Youtube channel has been updated with a pair of videos, showing off Raynor and Azmodan reworks respectively. You can find them below.

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