HotS – New Hero Mei & New Event Nexomania Part 2

HotS - New Hero Mei & New Event Nexomania Part 2

After a few days of teasing, the developers from Activision-Blizzard have introduced the latest new character to join the roster of Heroes of the Storm (HotS). This time it is another hero from the Overwatch universe, Mei, taking on the role of a mobile tank in the Nexus.

Lured by her inquisitive nature and a trail of bizarre climate phenomena, world-famous scientist Mei-Ling Zhou stumbled upon the Nexus and was soon enlisted in the fearsome battles that raged within. One of the first agents to rejoin Overwatch, Mei has a strong sense of right and wrong, and she’s determined to stand up for the weak and innocent everywhere, no matter which Realm they hail from. She’s a powerful ally and a spine-shivering foe, with advanced weather-altering technology that shifts the very architecture of the battleground. Get your parka on and prepare for Mei’s arrival in Heroes of the Storm!

As exciting as the addition of a new hero is, this is not the entirety of HotS-related news for Nexomania is coming back, bringing along themed skins, portraits, sprays, mounts and more.

In addition to the new collectibles such as the new Ma’ganis or Imperius skins, players will be able to receive cosmetics from the first Nexomania event.

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