Heroes of the Storm – Comic Issue №4 Orphea

While some players practice on PTR, Blizzard Entertainment continues to expand the story of Nexus and its inhabitants, including the newcomer, Orphea.

Orphea was introduced during BlizzCon 2018 as the first Nexus-born character joining the roster of Heroes of the Storm. Rejecting the dark power her father had begun to consort with, Orphea tried to run away from the Raven Lord’s Influence. But after witnessing King’s Crest fall to his machinations, she was convinced she needed to stand and fight. She now vows to protect the innocent – as a Hero of the Nexus! Check out her video, Heir of the Raven Court, shedding some light on the girl’s origins.

The fate of countless realms hangs in the balance with Orphea, Heir of Raven Court and daughter of the Raven Lord, as one of the few poised and ready to risk everything in to put a stop to her father’s dark plans. Heroes of the Storm introduces its first Nexus-born Hero, and she needs your help. Will you stand with Orphea against the Raven Lord?

From the video, we’ve learned that she has a beef with her father, the Raven Lord. But how far does the rift in their relationship go and what caused it? The confrontation between father and daughter comes. To find the answer to these questions, check out the latest Heroes of the Storm comic issue, Orphea! (the link will open PDF version of the comic)

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