HotS Patch Notes – October 16

Heroes of the Storm patch notes

Blizzard Entertainment has published the latest patch notes on the official Heroes of the Storm site.

Cunning and intelligent, Mal’Ganis was chosen to bring Arthas Menthil into the Lich King’s service. After manipulating the prince into purging Stratholme of life, he finally fell to Frostmourne as Arthas’s first act as the Lich King’s champion… yet a demon does not die so easily.

  • The developers have unified a number of Support Heroes’ abilities to only work on Heroes (not minions or Mercenaries).

We’re unifying the vast majority of our heals for their intended purpose: healing allied Heroes.  We’re maintaining the ability for a few heals to affected Minions still where we think it’s an important part of their gameplay: Lt. Morales Healing Beam (so that she can heal herself), Rehgar’s Chain Heal (to allow bounces travel across Minions), Tyrael’s Righteousness (because shielding Minion waves is part of the lane interaction with the ability), and Uther’s Holy Radiance (to unify expectations, since it can damage Minions).

  • Update to Collection: New Bundles (Mal’ganis Heroic Bundle, Death & Undeath Bundle, Meat Wagon Bundle), Mal’ganis Announcer, New Mounts (Northrend, Blackrock & Deathguard Meat Wagons, Wonder William Mount), New Skins, Portraits, Sprays and Emojis

A variety of bug fixes, including:

  • Ana: Fixed an issue where Ana’s Shrike healing was not accurately reflecting her damage done (via Spell Power or her target’s Armor).

  • Chromie: Fixed an issue where Temporal Loop’s return location would appear incorrect if a movement ability was used by the target.

  • Diablo: Fixed an issue where Diablo would not be displaced by knockback and similar effects while casting Overpower.

  • Gall: Fixed an issue where not all cases of Damage Reduction would work on Gall.

  • Gul’dan: Fixed an issue where Darkness Within’s bonus Spell Power would not increase the healing of Drain Life.

  • Kharazim: Can now Radiant Dash to all allied units, including Mercenaries, Creep Tumors, and Toxic Nests.

  • Li-Ming: Fixed an issue where Tal’Rasha’s Elements would grant bonus damage to Calamity after being twice in a row.

  • Murky: Egg Hunt’s Slime no longer benefits from Slime talents.

  • Sylvanas: Targets of Mind Control will now clear their move orders when affected by the ability.

  • Uther: Fixed an issue where Holy Fire’s damage was affected by Spell Power.

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