HotS Team is Teasing Something Interesting

Heroes of the Storm Team is Teasing Something Interesting

The developers of MOBA Heroes of the Storm have taken to Twitter to tease something… interesting. All we currently have is a picture of the Raven Lord looking decidedly worse for the wear and the phrase “This will be interesting.”

Of course, the two biggest possibilities are a new Hero and a new in-game event, followed by a minuscule chance of a new map.

From the few comics Blizzard’s team released for HotS, we saw a certain connection between the Raven Lord, Orphea as well as Queen Nightshade and few other Nexus-only characters. Could we really get a new addition to the roster of HotS’ own characters, following Qhira?

HotS’ team has also “leaked” one of the upcoming in-game events revolving around the Greek Gods, although the picture doesn’t seem to hint at that too much.

What do you think?

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