HotS – Update on Climate Phenomena Anomaly

HotS - Update on Climate Phenomena Anomaly

The developers from Activision Blizzard have taken to the official Heroes of the Storm forums to update players on what is going to happen with climate phenomena anomaly, currently raging in the MOBA. According to Community Manager Cydra, the team considered players’ feedback and decided to remove this anomaly from the Nexus. It was not an easy decision to make, but devs feel it is the right thing for HotS.

With Climate Phenomena, we wanted to play with two ideas. The first was introducing a new Hero to the Nexus with an accompanying theme, and the second was the prospect of changing game states throughout a match, with a minor impact on gameplay. Unfortunately, we’ve found that these changes were too disruptive to the normal flow of the game, and they didn’t add enough fun factor to account for how much they impacted the player experience. Some players also reported frame-per-second (FPS) issues due to the Anomaly, which we found to be unacceptable.

Moving forward, the HotS team intends to finish the year with one more anomaly released alongside the final season of 2020.

Check out the latest patch notes on the official site or the recent Reddit AMA to see what is coming to the game.

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