House Flipper Puts Physical Copies On The Market This Summer

house flipper physical

House Flipper, the renovation game form Polish Developer Frozen District, is about to go up for sale with physical copies on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch later this year.

If you haven’t already spent most of your time indoors whittling away at the odd DIY project then UK publisher Merge Games and Developer Frozen District are hoping that you’ve got a bit of time to get grafting. Instead of queueing up at the local hardware store, they are inviting you to grab a physical copy of House Flipper, the renovation game that challenges players to rebuild the property of their nightmares and sell it for a huge profit. The surprisingly addictive building sim hit PC markets almost two years ago, and we certainly liked it then, and it has already exceeded offers on PlayStation and Xbox digital storefronts. However, not everybody wants that modern aesthetic.

Hammer, Screw, Knock Through The Wall

Players with a desire for something a little more old school, like Limited Run Games catalog of boxed titles, can get their hands on physical versions of House Flipper when it drops later this year. Gamers will still be able to hammer, drill, nail, and screw things together, and do whatever is necessary to fit, fix, or clean up stuff. All the décor features that made the original release a tidy profit are still in place but without the need to manage your memory slots. For those of us that use the Nintendo Switch away from Wifi, that’s a huge incentive to pick up a retail copy.

In addition to regular retail versions of House Flipper, Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 owners can grab a Collector’s Signature Edition. This includes a special edition box, a copy of the game, a wrench keyring, two enamel pins, a special carpenters pencil, and the deeds to the box set. Orders for this version open on 8 May over on the Signature Edition Games website. The rest of us will have to keep an eye on the shelves or major retailer’s websites for the arrival of House Flipper’s physical release throughout summer.


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