Hoverloop Lifts Off With Major Update

Hoverloop might just be in Early Access but this new drone combat title has already launched a major update. Now, the sky is the limit for combat pilots.

Developed by Not A Company and guided into the air by publisher Cronos Interactive, Hoverloop is an arena combat experience with an obvious difference. Just like Sky Noon, Hoverloop looks up for its action, strapping players into a combat drone for their fight. In a near future setting, sports have been replaced with drone competitions of some form and inhuman combat seems like the logical choice.

Like any good arena brawler, Hoverloop features a wealth of options for competitors. A range of combat chassis, customization options, cosmetics, and explosive weapons allow players to customize their own sky chariot. Players can also combine these individual nuances with a set of abilities to suit any play style. Players picking a fight can choose a range of deadly encounters. Solo and local multiplayer modes are available right now for players eager to drag their friends into wave based PvE situations or even get competitive in deathmatch encounters.

In Flight Upgrades Without The Fancy Pillow

Since launching into Early Access back in Jan 2018, Hoverloop has had a positive reception from Early Access backers. Now the split screen competitive combat gets a ton of new features with the latest update available to backers. For any new players, a refreshed tutorial eases trainee pilots into the cockpit, while other additions are available for anybody with a bit more experience. An upgraded AI can now be found whizzing around a new subterranean combat arena. These enhanced computer-controlled opponents are intended to test players to the limit while they explore the cavernous new areas of the game. Team deathmatch also joins the list of play modes available to competitors, something we are really looking forward to seeing when the game adds fully fledged multiplayer come launch.

This is only a few of the extra additions coming to Hoverloop. New Chassis, extra customization options, UI tweaks, and more are all listed over at the official Steam Store page. While you might want to hold out for the online action coming later, Hoverloop looks like it could be far more fun than learning to pilot the real thing and a dam sight less expensive. Hoverloop is available now, via Steam Early Access for free.

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