How Do I Become a Professional eSport Player?

Esports are undoubtedly enjoyable. With its remarkable game concepts, out-of-this-world sound and graphics, and exciting gaming experience, it can easily be considered among the best forms of entertainment.

In 2021, data shows that the global eSports market almost doubled from the previous year and was valued at just over US$1.08 billion. It is projected to continuously increase and reach about US$1.62 billion by 2024. No wonder why many players are becoming professional gamers around the world, aside from the promise of entertainment, you can even make money from playing.

If you want to be among the thousands of professional gamers, here are some things you need to know:

Choose your game

As the market is huge, the competition is high. That means many companies strive to continuously develop great games players can consume. CS:GO, League of Legends, and DOTA 2 are just some of the most popular eSports, and there are thousands more you can play.

Given the wide choices of esports games, focus and develop your skills to the one that sparks your interest, the one you really like. Now, you have two options in choosing: either choose from well-established games or choose an up-and-coming game.

The advantage of choosing a game that’s already established is that resources are already in place to help you develop your game strategy and become a pro player. Looking at the top of the online games market, they already have large, dedicated player bases, as well as many sponsored tournaments with lucrative winning prizes. However, this market may be harder to penetrate for new players as it already has many established names enjoying their standing in the community.

A game that’s up and coming may open equal opportunities to all types of players to learn the game and advance to meta. For example, pioneering players for games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Rocket League have climbed their way up to the eSports stage. The flipside of this strategy is when the game fails to thrive in the market, you’ll have to pick a new game and start again.

In choosing, you can also spend some time lurking in different game forums where players share their insights about different games.


Practice makes you better

Once you’ve already chosen your game, you now need to strive to learn all its ins and outs and take time to develop it. Esports are leisure activities but if you want to make a living out of it, you have to grind your way through. Achieving that ultimate goal should require daily practice which essentially leads you to climbing ranks that can help you get noticed by an eSports team.

To be better at your chosen eSport, learn from other pro players and study their gameplay, learn the skills, skins, and items of the game, and review your games by watching your own replays. This will drastically improve your gameplay.


Don’t be a mediocre, leisure player and gear up! You can start with an efficient gaming mouse and keyboard, to which you can have varying options: size, sensitivity, and form factor. Customize your gaming equipment so it’s easier for your peripherals to reach. Familiarity is also necessary for pro players. In fact, many pro players prefer using their home equipment during tournaments due to familiarity and hence more comfort.

If you can afford it, buy PCs with higher specs to ensure an impeccable gaming experience. You can even build your own PC for a different level of specialization. It’s a luxury for some as it entails additional cost, but it’s a good investment if you want to be a pro gamer. A lagging PC or faulty mouse and keyboard can spoil your game.

Join tournaments

Joining a tournament helps you in many ways, it improves your gameplay and it opens an opportunity for you to be scouted by a team. That’s why you do your best to play a good game during tournaments as there are a lot of eyes watching you.

This is also a good way to get many people to know you. You may even develop a fanbase.

Find a team

Now that you already know so much about the game and you already have professional gameplay, time for you to find your team. Of course, it’s easier to gain the attention of established organizations if you have an impressive game strategy and a positive attitude towards the game.

If you’re a really good player, a team will probably reach you. But if they don’t find you, which is understandable with millions of players worldwide, reach out to them. You can also get sponsored by big gambling and esports betting brands (e.g., Ladbrokes, Betfair). 

Above all, you have to take eSports seriously and put your utmost dedication to your game to become a pro gamer. It doesn’t happen overnight, you have to grind, learn, practice, and improve every day. Eventually, your talent or skill in gaming will be noticed, and you don’t know, you can be the future face of online gaming.

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