How the Jungle Jam slot is pushing the envelope for slot games

How the Jungle Jam slot is pushing the envelope for slot games

New Jungle Jam Slot Draws in Mainstream Gamers

When most of us think of gaming our mind goes to console and PC video games, as we often forget the greater and more varied world that exists. Digital slot games, for example, have been a growing force in the world of online entertainment for some time, and many have been blurring the lines between casino games and traditional video games.

With that in mind, we take a look at a slot game named Jungle Jam as an example. It is reviewed in detail along with other leading slot games at, but here we want to see exactly how this offering illustrates the broadened scope of modern online casino games.

Increased Visual Fidelity

Early slot games on the internet were, in many ways, similar to their video game cousins. Rough around the edges, these were focussed on function over all else. Far from being a choice, this was a development based on necessity. After all, with only minimal processing power available, it made sense to place usability above all else.

Over time, as processing capabilities and internet speeds reached absurdly powerful and fast levels, this began to change. Rather than rely on realistic graphics, this game aimed towards highly stylised cartoons, as you might expect in a 2D game like Ori and the Blind Forest, or Guacamelee (you can read our review of the latter here).


This is still a focus of major companies such as Nintendo today, as Ollie Barder of Forbes explains over at As Nintendo has done with its flagship series, the slot developer, who go by the name of Genesis (no, not that Genesis) understood that style is the most important component. Focussing on the jungle theme, what is delivered to players is an experience which obviously is about fun above all else. As so many games are willing to sacrifice this concept today in favour of unnecessary realism, we can’t help but appreciate this dedication.

The Multi-System Experience

Multiplatform games play a huge part in the world of gaming, allowing our favourites to reach a far wider audience than first-party games. While this can be difficult, as DZone examines at, the player benefits are enormous. Allowing us to play over a variety of systems, at home or on the go, such games are much more convenient than those locked to a certain system or place. For mobile gaming, as with Jungle Jam, this has taken the form of mobile integration. Rather than being confined to the desktop version of this game, Jungle Jam has been developed especially to translate to mobile device screens.

As with something like Fortnite mobile, this allows a catered experience, which is particularly important given the different input requirements. In case you aren’t already aware, you can check out this article to see just how high Fortnite has raised the bar in video games.

Setting a Path Forward

As gaming changes so rapidly, there are aspects which are difficult to predict. Though, even with this, there are still definite growing patterns. From better graphics which aim at suitability over raw polygon count to better integration with cross-platform gaming, Jungle Jam acts as a fine mirror to some of traditional gaming’s best.

Just as we saw with PUBG and DOTA following their breakout successes, don’t be surprised to see more following in the footsteps of Jungle Jam and its compatriots. It might not completely reshape the industry as those two games did, but it undoubtedly stands as an indication of what is to come.

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