How to Celebrate your Relationship with a Gamer


If you are celebrating a special date in your relationship with a gamer, you want a gift they are going to enjoy. As a gamer yourself, you may have some ideas, otherwise it can be challenging to decide what would work best. Here are some ways you can celebrate your relationship with a gamer, whatever the occasion.

Celebration experiences

When it comes to anniversaries, there are two people to keep happy.  Whichever of you is a gamer, you can still find unique anniversary gifts for her that you can also enjoy as a shared experience. Marking a special occasion with a gift experience can bring you closer together as a couple as you share memories and support interests that are important to your partner.

Gamer convention

Be at the heart of the gaming culture with a visit to a gamer convention. Here you can be exposed to experiencing imagined worlds far more diverse that any gaming styles you can find in your games at home. Here you will be exposed to new games, styles, and techniques to open up a whole new world.

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Offering a full celebration of the internet culture each year, Dreamhack hosts gaming festivals, manage global esport productions and broadcast entertaining content around the world to include big expos, live music, cosplay, streamers, esports tournaments, and more. In 2019, the DreamHack festival tour hosted 11 festivals in eight countries across three continents.

Co-op gaming

If you both love gaming, try out these games. They’re also great for introducing gaming to your non-gaming partner who doesn’t yet understand “your” hobby. Co-op gaming often highlights why you work so well together.

Three games to try

One game to try is Outward, which is unusual for not being a “travel fast, grab the treasure and become all-powerful” game, but instead is one in which minor setbacks feel like major obstacles to overcome. This requires players to put a lot of thought into choices because they matter.

If you want a mix of sci-fi and fantasy in a more standard game, try the free-to-play Skyforge which is set in the world of Aelion. Here, players are immortal with the ability to switch between 18 unique classes, mastering amazing celestial powers to defend the planet from invasions. is another online game where players move to attack almost anything that moves, gather gold and loot, join or create clans, and socialize in global and clan chat.

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Accessories and peripherals

There are upgrades in the gaming world, so frequently as competition is strong to release products that will improve a gamer’s skill. By considering any of the following options, you are celebrating the gamer in your life and their passion for the sport. In the same way that they support your Netflix subscription or fascination with certain authors.

Wireless gaming mouse

A wireless gaming mouse is so much more than a standard mouse with features such as vibration, customisation, quick clicking that give an edge in competitive online gaming.

Gaming keyboard

Keys are backlit on a gaming keyboard, which has a faster response to keypresses and is much more durable, and quieter, than a standard keyboard. You can also customise the keys. A wireless gaming keyboard will open up the world of couch gaming.

Gaming monitor

An increase in screen size will improve gameplay. The best monitors will depend on where your priorities lay. However, if you are looking for the highest resolution and a crisp display or a super-fast refresh rate and response time, the best gaming monitors should be enough.

Quality speakers

Take the computer setup to the next level with surround sound or a top of the range gaming headset which includes a built-in microphone, so you can communicate swiftly with others during multi-player games.

A gaming chair

Gaming chairs are designed to improve posture, preventing neck problems and improving circulation.

A gaming desk

Once you have a gaming desk, you wonder how you ever played without one. These desks have enough space to store all computer peripherals and accessories for great gameplay. They can be adjustable for standing, have better legroom and elbow space and much more.

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