How to Choose a Mouse for MMO Gaming?

MMO Gaming Mouse

There is so much variety available in the market when you’re looking for the best MMO gaming mouse. Although every gaming mouse has the same primary function, there are some variations from one model to another. For instance, the number of buttons, the shape of the mouse, the type of sensor, and the DPI range are different in every mouse. Other specs include the weight of the mouse, connectivity, and the size of the mouse.

These features are designed to meet gamers’ versatile demands that vary with FPS, MBO, and MMO gaming types. However, keep in mind that some gaming mice are more compatible with MMO, while others are more suitable for FPS gaming. It’s because MMO gaming requires you to perform different functions such as striking, jumping, shooting, and aiming. Therefore MMO gamers enjoy playing with a gaming mouse that offers them plenty of buttons and a high DPI range.

In other words, when purchasing an MMO gaming mouse, you must be familiar with the basics of MMO gaming and the necessary specs required for playing these types of games. Knowing this kind of information can help find the right mouse that best suits your gaming style. You must consider the following factors before purchasing an MMO gaming mouse for 100% customer satisfaction.

1. Number of Programmable Buttons

The number of programmable buttons matters when you’re playing MMO games like World of Warcraft, Black Desert Online. It’s because having a large number of buttons in a mouse is a significant advantage, as it allows you to trigger all the macros shortcuts in no time. You can reprogramme the buttons in the MMO gaming mouse and assign them with desired commands using the provided software that comes with them.

Plus, you can also customize the standard buttons of these gaming mice, making them an excellent choice for MMO gaming. Another important thing is the arrangement of these programmable buttons, especially for MMO gaming. It’s because placing the buttons in an ergonomic layout can be a bit of a challenge. A high-quality MMO gaming mouse comes with buttons that are easy to access and can be differentiated without looking at them.

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2. DPI Range

DPI is another factor that must consider when you’re purchasing an MMO gaming mouse. DPI stands for Dots per inch and measures the sensitivity of a gaming mouse. Gamers usually demand a high DPI range as it allows them to move the cursor swiftly. A right MMO gaming mouse has a wide range of DPI providing excellent sensitivity by detecting the slightest movement. For example, a gaming mouse that comes with a DPI range that goes high as 4000 delivers incredible performance.

  • Maximum DPI

The maximum DPI of a mouse can be a high 16000 DPI, but that doesn’t mean you have to purchase these types of gaming mice. There are plenty of gaming mice available in the market that have lower DPI than 16000 and deliver a fantastic performance. The main advantage of having a high DPI is that it allows you to adjust your DPI settings whenever necessary. Therefore, you won’t be limited to a specific DPI and can change the mouse’s sensitivity.

  • Minimum DPI

Although MMO gaming doesn’t require a mouse with a large DPI such as 16000, it shouldn’t be lower than the required value. The minimum DPI that a gaming mouse must-have can be up to 2000 or 2500 DPI depending on the type of display you’re using. In case you do end up getting a mouse with a lower DPI, you won’t be able to play MMO games due to their low sensitivity. Thus, you should get an MMO gaming mouse that meets the standard requirements set for MMO gaming.

3. Software of the Gaming Mouse

Software is just as essential to consider when you’re purchasing an MMO gaming mouse as it allows you to make calibrations. Low-quality software provides you with fewer gaming profiles and can have errors that might create problems for you. Premium gaming mouse software provides you with plenty of gaming profiles and has minimal errors. So you shouldn’t compromise on the software of a gaming mouse as it can be a real game-changer when it comes to MMO gaming.

4. Connectivity of a Gaming Mouse

There are two types of gaming mice available in the market based on their connectivity, including the wired gaming mice and the wireless ones. The wired mice are known for their quick response and are preferred by most gamers due to their incredible performance. However, wireless gaming mice also don’t lag in performance due to the advent of advanced technology. For instance, Logitech wireless gaming mice provide users with excellent wireless connectivity and deliver a fast response.

In case convenience is your utmost priority, then a wireless gaming mouse is your best solution. You won’t have to deal with the mess that comes with a wired mouse adding extra convenience for the user. However, keep in mind that wireless gaming mice are quite expensive and come with additional costs such as purchasing batteries. Therefore you will have to raise your budget for purchasing them due to the hefty tags that come with them.

5. Sensor of Mouse

The sensor is the central part of the mouse responsible for detecting every movement of the curser you make. A high-quality sensor can work on all types of surfaces and has excellent accuracy and precision, perfect for MMO gaming. For instance, laser sensors can work on every surface, including glass, without any distortion. Therefore most gamers like to buy gaming mice that feature a laser sensor. On the other hand, optical sensors can’t work on glass and only on specific surfaces but deliver exceptional performance. While the laser sensors outperform the optical sensors in terms of their performance on various surfaces, the optical sensors have superior tracking sensitivity.

6. Weight and Size of the Mouse

Although the weight and the size of the mouse are the last things you have on your mind, these can make a huge difference. People with large hands like to play with a larger gaming mouse due to the comfort that comes with them. However, large gaming mice can be heavier than ordinary ones, but that won’t be a problem for gamers who demand better control.

Moreover, other gamers demand speed and prefer light-weight gaming mice for experiencing the ultimate thrill that comes with gaming.  In case you’re new to Esports, you can get a gaming mouse that allows you to adjust its weight by removing or adding the provided weights. You can also get them if you play various types of games other than MMO such as FPS due to the extra convenience that comes with them.

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7. Design

The design of a gaming mouse is another factor that you should keep in mind before purchasing it. Playing games for extended hours can cause muscle strain and fatigue, impacting your health in an adverse manner. Many gaming mice are available in the market that features premium ergonomics that you can get for non-stop gaming. The buttons of these mice are easy to reach and have clicky buttons that give you fantastic feedback.

8. Macro Creations

Macro creations also matter when you’re purchasing a gaming mouse for playing MMO games. The macro creations allow you to emphasize the aspects of your avatar and enhance synergies when playing games. Therefore you should buy a mouse that comes with software that will enable you to create macros and allow you to play games like a pro.

9. Durability

Durability is the utmost priority for many customers when buying an MMO gaming mouse. It’s because wobbly parts can be a bit of trouble when you’re playing games. Therefore, you should get a gaming mouse with excellent durability and that can handle more than one million clicks. Such gaming mice can last for a long time, and you won’t have to purchase another one anytime soon.

10. Budget

Last but not least is the budget that you must consider when looking for the best MMO gaming mouse. Gaming mice come at hefty price tags, and not everyone can afford them due to the cost associated with them. However, you don’t have to buy the most expensive mouse in the market to experience the thrill that comes with gaming. There are plenty of affordable gaming mice available in the market that you can purchase without spending a lot of money.


What should I look for when buying a gaming mouse?

The gaming mouse should have a large number of programmable buttons and have excellent accuracy and precision.

Wrapping it Up

When you’re playing MMO games, you can’t purchase any ordinary gaming mouse. It’s because MMO gaming requires you to perform various actions such as jumping, shooting, and others. Therefore, the gaming mouse with plenty of buttons and a high DPI range is best suited for playing MMO games.

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