How to Clean a Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs have basically been designed for a soothing and elite gaming experience. Fans of gaming usually spend multiple hours being immersed in their games. Owning a gaming chair actually makes a lot of difference for them by providing them various health benefits.

In case you also have such a chair, and its constant usage has made it dirty, uncomfortable, and unpleasant to use, you got to consider the situation. Because at such times, either there is a need for a new and updated gaming chair or even getting your chair cleaned can solve the problem.

Why Have a Clean Gaming Chair?

Well, as mentioned above, the sole purpose of a gaming chair is to provide comfort and ease to the player while playing. All famous gamers use an advanced gaming chair to avoid back pains and body aches. Shroud Gaming chair is also a part of his advanced gaming set up.

In order to maintain such setups, it is essential to keep them updated and clean. Otherwise, the equipment, especially a gaming chair, may not be able to save you from body problems and pains if not used and kept correctly.

This is a situation where you need to do something. Of course, we won’t be suggesting you get a new gaming chair and spend lots of dollars again, so don’t worry. Instead, we will help you clean your chair and make it cozy and homely again. So, let’s get started with the easiest ways to do so!

Use A Regular Vacuum Cleaner

At first, you need to make sure the kind of material used in your gaming chair. After that, use the substances or machines that will not damage the chair at any point. So, if your chair is comfortable with using a vacuum over it, then this might be the easiest way to clean all the dust present over its surfaces.

As this is something very simple, easy and useful, so you should be doing vacuuming or dusting at least once every week. Doing this will help you in keeping your chair away from excessive dirt.

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Use Water or A Solvent Solution for Thorough Cleaning

Depending upon your chair’s upholstery, choose a perfectly suitable solution for cleaning the stains or other marks upon the chair. If the material is fine with using water over it, then clean the stains using a soft sponge soaked in water. Make sure the sponge or cloth you are going to use is soft so that you will be able to avoid putting any mark or scratch over the chair while cleaning it.

Usually, the material or fabric used in the manufacturing of these chairs is not something that gets damaged easily. So, you might be able to use some solvent solution for cleaning purposes, too. Using a proper cleaning solution will certainly help you in getting rid of every kind of stain or mark over the chair. But make sure to be gentle with all the cleaning process.

Get Help from DIY Solutions.

DIY cleaning solutions can do wonders for you. Many of these solutions use chemicals or substances that would be gentle on your chair’s upholstery and won’t damage it even a bit. Thus, you can easily get a fine and perfect clean chair by getting help from these solutions without any loss or problem.

DIY covers can also be made in order to keep the chairs safe from the outside dust and harmful environmental particles. Other than DIY, you can just get some coverage that is specially manufactured for gaming chairs to use in case of humid and dusty environments.

Beware of Chemicals That Might Erode the Surface

There are many cleaning solutions and chemicals that do wonders in cleaning any object or surface. But there are also many such chemicals that are harmful and highly reactive to some fabric or stuff. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure not to use such substances upon your gaming chair, or you might end up spoiling it.

For making sure of this, you can search the internet and check the results of using various chemicals over the fabric used on your chair. Or you can simply try using it at a spot which is not much visible, so that you may avoid using it over the whole chair if something bad happens.

Rubbing Alcohol Is Beneficial

There might be some stains or blemish over your chair, which is not easily removable. For such stains, you can rub alcohol over them. It can do wonders as rubbing alcohol over marks or stains is known to be highly beneficial and easy-to-use.

But this process also requires the surety that the upholstery of your gaming chair will not get damaged at all if you rub alcohol. There are some types of fabrics used in the chairs which can get eroded or whose colors can fade away because of the alcohol used over them. So, for doing any such thing, you got to make sure that the substance you are going to use does not have damaging or harmful aftereffects on your chair’s outlook.


Gaming chairs are made to enjoy video games or online gaming to the fullest. If they are not kept cleaned or comfortable, then there’s no purpose of keeping them at all. So, make sure to keep cleaning them regularly and not using any damaging chemicals or products over them.

We hope you enjoy your gaming experience now by getting help from all the above-mentioned steps!

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