How to Create Your Ideal Setup for Live Streaming


If you’re new to the world of online streaming and would like to get started to promote an idea, service or product then there are a couple of things you need to know before you begin. It’s important that you are prepared to have a proper setup arranged so that you are providing the best quality of streaming possible, otherwise, you won’t be able to get the reach you want to the audience that you are targeting due to the fact that there is so much competition out there. This is why we’re going to let you know about what you need to do to create your ideal setup for live streaming.


Of course, you need a camera to record your live streaming session. The question is, what kind of camera. If you are going to be streaming on YouTube, for example, then you definitely need a youtube camera that works perfectly, and in order to ensure that the one you choose is just right for you, you need to do some research. Check out a couple of online reviews so you can better understand the specs of each camera. Beginners generally start off by using the camera’s on their cell phones, and while this works alright initially, the quality of the picture and the sound needs would be much better using a proper camera. Don’t forget that you’ll need a decent tripod to keep the camera stable and to be able to control the recording from where you stand as well.


When you’re streaming live, you want to ensure that as you speak, the sound is clear and loud enough for the viewer to hear and understand. This is why it’s so important to invest in a decent microphone that can do the job for you. If your broadcast involves you moving around rather than broadcasting from a stationary spot, then getting a microphone that has farther reach is the best option for you.

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A Good Internet Connection

Nothing is more important to a successful livestream than a great internet connection. If you have a connection that is unstable then this could ruin the whole experience for you and you’ll end up having very few followers. So the most important thing you need to dish out cash on is the guarantee of an impeccable internet connection. If your live stream is going to be one of the longer ones, then it’s extremely important that there is no break in the connection whatsoever.


You need to have a certain kind of software in order to encode the videos you have made. This means that the software converts the format and encodes the video in a way that is can be viewed on the platform that you are broadcasting it on. Different platforms need different kinds of encoding, and this also applies to the size of the video. There is encoding hardware as well but this is not as practical as the software because it is more expensive and you obviously can’t update it- you’d have to buy newer versions to keep up with the new platforms, so stick with the software instead.

Text & Graphics Software

You might think that you don’t need this, but you probably will at some point or another because having text and graphics software helps to give your videos more dimension. If you’re planning on having your live stream become a regular thing, then you will need opening credits. Sometimes people like to have picture in picture options, or text showing up as they record their stream. In order to do this, you need to get a decent text and graphic software to make it more interactive and more fun for you and your viewers as you add more details.

It’s quite exciting to be able to finally create your own livestream to get your word out there into the world, just the way you want it. And now you can! Make sure that you have all the items mentioned above to get yourself prepared. These are all things that are relatively easy to use anywhere, so even if you are live streaming on the move, it should be doable to give it the best quality possible by utilizing all these tools. There are plenty of platforms available where you can put yourself and your ideas out there to move forward using a very current and effective form of live communication. Live streaming is a great mode of expression because it gives the viewer a chance to see you live in action and make you and your ideas much more relatable.

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