How to Gain a Competitive Advantage by Copying Professional Gamers

Professional Gamers

E-sports have become a popular type of competition among the younger generations. Advances in video games technology, digital technology, and the internet have spawned various competitions in video games, online computer games, and mobile games. Many professional gamers have emerged and made names for themselves in different esports battle arenas and competitions. It’s no wonder why so many young people are avid gamers and some are aspiring to become professional gamers themselves. In competitive gaming, playing like a pro gives you a greater chance of success than relying on your acquired gaming knowledge and skills. Here, we’ll discuss some helpful points on how to gain a competitive advantage by copying professional gamers.

You Get to Use Advanced Gaming Gear

Professionals give importance to their gaming equipment and accessories. Whatever the gaming platform you are currently focusing on, most of the professional gamers in that field have their respective specialized gaming gear. As a novice or amateur gamer, you can learn a lot by incorporating this strategy into competitions. If you are into first-person shooter PC games like Halo, Call of Duty, H1Z1, or PUBG, one excellent gaming gear to emulate is the Ninja PC configuration from the Ninja himself, Richard Tyler Blevins. You don’t necessarily have to copy the exact specifications of this pro’s gear, but you can have a customized gaming gear based on his build. Aside from the monitor, mouse, keyboard, and keyboard, give your PC’s internal specs a tweak by ramping up the CPU, GPU, motherboard, memory, and HDD. When your gaming gear keeps up with the gaming demands with your movements and play style, you’ll be more successful in your current competition level.

Professional Gamers 1

You Incorporate Pro Gaming Play Strategies

One of the easy ways of gaining a competitive advantage as a novice or amateur gamer is by learning from the gaming style of the pros. Thanks to developments on the internet, there are various game streaming platforms such as Twitch, Mixer, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming where gaming enthusiasts can view various competitions and matches by professional players and teams. There are many winning strategies and play styles to pick up and learn from these resources. However, you must also note that you don’t have to emulate the entire strategy or play style of the pro players you admire. Remember that there is a disparity in your current gaming skill and theirs, but the game environment, the scenarios, and the character equipment and moveset can allow you to make effective gameplays that patterned on their strategies or play styles. There are also pro players who have their own social media channels where they give gaming tips and advice which you can find useful and apply to your game.

You Gain Technical Gaming Knowledge

It’s not just emulating the play style and strategies of pro players that can work to your advantage. Viewing professional gamers in action changes your gaming perspective as well. You may have initially viewed some of your games as nothing more than a win or lose or kill or be killed matches. However, when you see the game played by professional gamers, you may begin to develop a higher level of appreciation for the game. You may pay more attention to the technical aspects of the games by looking into the character profile and specifications and adjusting the settings of the characters and their weapons or equipment. When you apply your newfound technical knowledge and improved perspective in your game, you’ll notice and appreciate the improvement in your performance and embrace gaming even more.

Professional gamers can serve as mentors for gaming enthusiasts and those aspiring to become professional gamers. However, it should be noted that being an excellent gamer doesn’t happen overnight, and the pros we see online did not reach where they are with a day’s practice. By combining the knowledge you gained from professional gamers such as customizing gaming gears, applying pro gamer strategies, or applying technical adjustments and dedicating time and resources for extensive practice, you gain a competitive advantage in your current playing field.

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