How to Get Diamonds in Mobile Legends: Tips & Tricks

Mobile Legends

The heroes in this MOBA game each have various ranks, powers, and personalities. While some of them are easy to acquire, you’ll need a rare resource to unlock others. These characters have unique abilities that make them more potent than others, which is why they cost so much.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get diamonds in Mobile Legends. If you need more guidance for progressing further in the game, you can read these tips.

Live Streams

One of the easiest methods for obtaining Mobile Legends diamonds is delivering a live stream. If viewers enjoy your content, they can shower you with these rare items. There are different levels, each with a varying amount. Of course, the opposite is also true that you may walk away from a stream with no rewards at all.

Mobile Legends 1

Mobile Legends Tournaments

There are several tournament hosts that reward you with thousands of diamonds for your placement at the end of the championship. You can enter your entire team, and each player will receive the same amount at the end if you win. There’s also a real cash prize added to the diamonds in some competitions.

Mobile Legends 2


Of course, you can just buy the diamonds if you don’t mind spending some money on the in-game store. While there are some third parties that sell them cheaper, there’s a chance you’ll receive a ban if the developers discover it. Rather purchase them through the correct channels.

Mobile Legends 3

Lucky Spin

Finally, you can take part in the Lucky Spin feature when it’s available. You’ll need to pay for each spin, but you stand a chance to win some diamonds if they are part of the selection. Who knows, you may just receive a new hero!

Mobile Legends 4

Shine Bright Like A Legend!

As you can see, there are several ways for how you can get diamonds in Mobile Legends. Some of them are easy, but you may walk away with none as a reward. Others require participation in events or a form of payment. Either way, you’ll quickly obtain new heroes and new items with them.

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