How to Get Gold in Heroes and Generals

Heroes and Generals

Heroes and Generals is a strategic free-to-play online game that transfers you to World World II where Germany, the Soviet Union, and the United States fight against each other to win. The game offers a variety of characters you can play with and equipment you can use to increase your team’s chances of winning.

In the game, you can choose to be a member of the Infantry and engage in close-range combats. You can also serve as a Paratrooper and be parachuted right into the military operations. If you wish and feel the commander’s acumen, you can also opt for the General role and make strategic decisions.

In spite of the fact which role you go for, you impact the course of actions and the final result of battles and war. To assist you and your team members in the game, there are multiple weapons and vehicles you can have at your disposal.

Nevertheless, to acquire them you need to pay for them with one of the in-game currencies such as gold.

Gold in Heroes and Generals

Gold is recognized as a powerful type of currency in the Heroes and Generals that can be used to purchase the majority of the items in the game. Apart from the mentioned vehicles and weapons, you can also pay in gold for:

  • Veteran membership,
  • assault teams,
  • supply crates, or
  • ribbon boosters.

Each of these items assists you in winning, advancing in ranks, or simply making the game more exciting.

Gold can be easily and quickly purchased in the Store for real money. Nevertheless, there are smarter and equally effective ways to get gold that doesn’t require you to spend your hard-earned money.

How to Get Gold in Heroes and Generals

First win of the day

In Heroes and Generals, there is a reward known as Daily Reward that equips you with 4 gold. You can earn it for the first win each day. Although it doesn’t sound like a big boost of gold, incrementally in a few weeks, it can sum up to a pretty decent number.

It is worthwhile to remember about Daily Rewards and log in to play every day, at least a little bit, instead of doing it once per week, or even more rarely.

Million Pugs

MillionPugs Cashback Platform

The next method is performed outside the game world but is effective, quick, and painless. That is – the MillionPugs cashback platform. It is a brand-new free-of-charge rewards platform allowing gamers to get in-game content for Heroes and Generals and other games simply by ordering food, buying toys for their pets, or doing groceries at Walgreens.

MillionPugs cooperates with almost 1000 brands that have prepared special deals for users when they make purchases in their stores. Once you buy something in one of the listed stores, you can also get a predetermined number of points called pugs™.

After you make one or two purchases and collect a sufficient number of points, you are able to redeem them for in-game content offering gold and other valuable items for Heroes and Generals.

Giveaway lottery

Another in-game method of getting gold is purely dependent on your luck. Nevertheless, if you are lucky, it can provide you with lots of gold or other powerful items. Giveaway lotteries are special seasonal events that equip the lucky winners with predetermined prizes.

They are always announced in advance in order to give players time to sign up and try their luck. Therefore, be attentive and keep up with the latest Heroes and Generals news as giveaway lotteries can significantly boost your equipment and in-game wallet.

Summing up, gold is a valuable currency in Heroes and Generals that can be used to purchase powerful weapons, vehicles, Veteran membership, or assault teams. The easiest way to boost your in-game gold wallet is to simply purchase it with real money. Nevertheless, you can also take advantage of smarter methods that don’t require you to reduce your savings.

If you are persistent, you can collect gold from Daily Rewards. If you are lucky, you should look out for a giveaway lottery. Or, if you shop online frequently, you should take advantage of the MillionPugs platform, collecting points and exchanging them for in-game content.

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