How to Get Noticed on Twitch


If you are unfamiliar with Twitch, it’s an app and site that is designed to let other players watch and interact with you as you stream your live gameplay. This combination of high-quality gameplay plus audience interaction has seen some of Twitch’s most popular players garner huge followings, which can then translate into big money. But how can you get noticed on Twitch and become your own boss as you fight that end of level boss?

Tips to Increase Followers

When it comes to success on Twitch, you need a big audience and to find that audience, you first need to have followers. To increase your Twitch followers, make sure you are connecting your Twitch profile to all your other social media accounts. That way, anyone who already follows you can head straight over to your Twitch platform and follow there too. Another good way to increase followers is to attend meetups and events. Just like with any other business, networking and getting your name out there can help more people find their way to your Twitch profile. Along with trying to connect with new potential followers, linking up with other new influencers also starting out can be a great way to get noticed. By connecting with up and coming influencers, you can share your experiences and tips as well as gain followers together.

Using motivational quotes Shopify from other users and well-known games can also help to translate into creating a fanbase. Be consistent with your streaming days and times so your followers know when they can expect to connect with you and enjoy your gameplay. It is also advisable to stick to one game or series in the beginning. That way, it is easier for you to hone in on a particular niche and for followers to know what kind of gaming to enjoy and expect from your streams, increasing the likelihood of repeat viewing.

The Best Ways to Stream on Twitch

When it comes to getting noticed on Twitch, most video game consoles now support the ability for users to stream and broadcast live as they play, so you don’t have to choose between X Box, Nintendo Switch, or Playstation. You can even steam from your PC, Apple or Android device if you choose. If you are looking to get discovered as a big name on Twitch, there are a couple of other apps you will need to install too in order to be able to broadcast successfully. Additional apps such as OBS (open broadcast software) allow you to stream from whatever console or desktop you are playing from, thanks to your unique Twitch stream keycode which you will be asked to enter.

Many Twitch users do prefer to use the X Box as it offers high-quality streaming, integrated app abilities and can handle the power it takes to simultaneously play as you stream. Getting noticed on Twitch is all about originality and consistency, so whatever console you choose, focus on finding your gaming niche and building your follower relationships in order to grow your audience.

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