How to Get the Best Gaming Experience From Your Android Device

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Mobile gaming is all the rage right now, and with so many powerful tablets and smartphones available at affordable prices, the industry has never been more inviting. However, as the owner of an Android device, if you want to play all your games, including top hits like Call of Duty Warzone, that tends to be quite demanding on devices.

If you’ve found yourself struggling to play the latest games, you’re experiencing lag, or you’re just finding the games don’t look as good as you had hoped (or there are even technical issues like your phone overheating), then you’ve come to the right place as today we explore the best ways to optimize your Android gaming experience.

Start with Settings

First things first, let’s take a look at your phone settings. You want to use this section of your phone to run typical processes like running a clean-up that can delete files your phone or tablet doesn’t need while organizing others. This allows your device to run faster, and therefore play games with a much smoother experience with less lag.

If you have a Samsung device or a device with the Dolby Atmos service installed, then you’re going to want to turn this on in order to run your games in the best possible way. In settings, you can also close applications you don’t want running in the background that could make your device run slowly.

“You can also head into the Refresh Rate or Motion Smoothness settings that make on-screen movement run much smoother and more crisper, ultimately giving a nicer experience. However, what settings you can activate depends on what kind of device you’re running,” describes Sarah Taylor, a business writer at Origin Writings and 1 Day 2 write.

If you’re on a low-end device, aim to clean your phone up of unnecessary files as much as possible and close background apps to give your games as much processing power as possible.

Mobile Games

Optimize Your Internet Connection

If you’re playing online multiplayer games, then your experience is mostly going to revolve around how decent your internet connection is. Ideally, you’re going to want the fastest and most stable connection you can find, which could be either 4G, your home Wi-Fi connection, or even 5G in more updated areas.

The best thing you can do is to connect to each internet connection you have individually and run a speed test using the Ookla speed test website. Whichever is fastest in terms of download and upload speeds and has the lowest ping is the connection type you’re going to want to use.

Install a Custom ROM

A ROM is basically the name given to a custom operating system you can upload and install onto your Android device that is basically Android but a little different. There are plenty of ROMs out there to choose from, with many revoked around optimizing your gaming experience. Some of these ROMs include systems like OxygenOS.

“Make sure you’re confident with what you’re doing because the process of flashing and upgrading your phone with a custom OS could lead to you ‘bricking’ your device, which can lead to it not working and not being recoverable, so make sure you’re proceeding carefully and follow a step-by-step guide properly,” explains Mark Harris, a business journalist at Brit Student and Write my X.

Upgrade Your Device

Finally, if you’re looking to take your mobile gaming experience seriously, then you’re going to want to think about updating your device to an actual gaming-ready phone. As the name suggests, these are devices designed with gaming in mind and will have the processors and graphic cards necessary for games of all degrees.

ASUS and Razer tend to create the most renowned gaming devices since this is what they do best, but even an up-to-date Samsung Galaxy device has enough processing power to play everything you want. However, note that these devices can be expensive, so make sure you can afford them before investing in them!

George J. Newton is a mobile tech writer and lover of gaming who blogs for Coursework writing services and PhD Kingdom. He has a very patient wife of over ten years, who is his biggest supporter. He also contributes his work and expertise to websites such as Do my coursework.

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