How to Improve Your Fortnite Gaming Experience


Playing Fortnite can get intense when you’re face-to-face with the person stopping you from getting that sweet victory royale. At that moment, any boost to your gaming experience can help you secure that kill. Some of the improvements that people need for their gaming setups might feel like it’s too little to make a difference, but once you try it, you’ll never want to go back to your old ways.

Find Comfortable Keybinds

Fortnite requires a ton of constant clicking and if you’re able to move some keybinds around for yourself to make it more comfortable to perform certain tasks in the game then you’re going to improve your gaming experience a lot more. The ability to perform actions faster than other players because of your comfortable keybinds will help you with your maneuvering, looting, and building abilities while playing Fortnite. Placing your dance keybind somewhere accessible can also make the game quite fun.

Watch the Pros

Professional Fortnite players generally look like they’re doing 20 things at once, making regular players look a lot less skilled at the game. Pros move with the victory royale in mind from the moment they drop down and watching them can help you understand what to do in specific situations. You can figure out some high-level strategies to implement in your games which instantly improves your gaming experience.

Adjust Your Settings to Improve FPS

Fortnite’s in-game settings are usually automatically adjusted to your setup but that doesn’t mean that it’s the best for it. If you’re playing on a laptop or a computer that can’t handle that much processing power, you should decrease the settings found in-game to play better as the increased frames-per-second (FPS) will improve your experience far more than having high-definition shadows. Playing with worse graphics can be better for lower-end setups as it can also improve your FPS and most players opt for the frames rather than the graphics quality.

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Improve Your Setup

If you want to have the best of both worlds when it comes to graphics and FPS, you should consider upgrading your setup to be able to handle the game better which gives you the ability to run the game on ultra settings while still getting the max amount of frames that your monitor can give you. This can be quite an expensive way to improve your gaming experience, however, the changes that it’ll make to it will be far better than the changes that any other changes can make. This will also impact your gaming experience in any other game that you play as once you’ll be using your setup for that as well.

Get a Good Headset

Not being able to hear where the gunshots are coming from can lead to you dying in Fortnite because you were just turning frantically hoping to spot your enemy. Getting a good headset with surround sound hearing can help you hear the direction where any movement is coming from and immersing you deeper into the gaming experience. This helps you use your hearing to your advantage while improving your gameplay.

Lower Your Mouse/Controller Sensitivity

Decreasing your sensitivity settings is one of the most recommended tips from professional players as you’ll be able to aim a lot easier and that gets you more kills during your games. Taking it a little slower so that you can be more precise with your movements generally improves your gameplay a lot more as you’ll put up a hell of a fight before you let go of your victory royale.

Clear Some Background Applications

Running a ton of applications in the background can reduce the quality of your gameplay significantly as your PC might not be able to handle all of the applications running at the same time. Reducing the number of applications running in the background can help you run the game a lot more smoothly.

Clear Some Memory

Having too much storage on your PC slows down the Fortnite loading screens even further so clearing some things you don’t use from your drive can make the game load a lot faster. Take some time to uninstall a few applications you don’t have any use for or upload some files to your Google Drive to free up some storage.


Following any of the tips mentioned will help you improve your gaming experience significantly as the changes in FPS and general game quality will be very noticeable, as long as you set the game settings the right way. Watching some guides on YouTube on improving your setup for Fortnite can also be very helpful as some PC options can get a little complicated without any visuals.

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