How To Install MSi Afterburner

MSi Afterburner

Whenever I want to play a video game sometimes it seems to be playing a videogame can’t enjoy for poor capabilities my GPU. So, I started to research. After that, I was able to find a good tool for playing games. I was wondering what if I share with you, what is that tool and how to install it?  Well, the tool is nothing other than MSI Afterburner!

As an overclocking software, MSI Afterburner works with all graphics cards. The main purposes include GPU/Shader/Memory performance adjustment, sophisticated fan speed control, and GPU voltage monitoring. MSI Afterburner enables users to personalize their PCs and ensure that gaming performance is always up to date. Sounds interesting? It’s time to share more specifically about the tools and the nitty-gritty of how to install Msi Afterburner.

Let’s jump right in.

What Is Msi Afterburner?

If you’ve aware of this software program, you’re likely familiar with what it is and what it’s capable of. Obviously, for this strong and helpful tool, comprehending the entire scope of its features is simply the ability to use it to its best potential. MSI Afterburner, as explained in the introduction, is an outstanding tool for monitoring and benchmarking. Its true excellence, however, lies in its overclocking and underclocking capabilities.

MSI Afterburner is excellent since it allows you to slowly and carefully modify not just a certain GPU’s core clock, but also the memory clock, fan speed, power limit, and core voltage. Most of this offers it a fantastic tool, but the reason we’d give it a gold star as the highest is also because of its simplicity and ease of using it.

How To Download MSI Afterburner?

As it was mentioned previously that one of the major reasons MSI Afterburner is such a fantastic resource is that it is simple and easy to download and use. MSI’s website might vary from time to time, and at some point, perhaps may modify how you genuinely acquire the setup file, but for the time being, the method is as follows:

Using this link, browse MSI’s website and click the ‘Download MSI Afterburner’ button.

Again, owing to frequent redesigns, the exact layout or button may vary, but even if you search for the button that reads ‘download MSI Afterburner,’ you would also most likely find it in that convenient format. Install the downloaded zip tool runs the setup file – be mindful that some antivirus software might alarm you, but if you access the URL above, you should be fine.

MSi Afterburner 1

Step By Step Process To Install MSI Afterburner

  1. The steps are simple, with a normal licensing agreement and installation location.
  2. Then users will also be given the option to install RTSS, it’s a wonderful tool for evaluating performance when you’re overclocking.
  3. Once you click the ‘Install’ button, the wizard will complete the download and then you’ll be able to run MSI Afterburner.
  4. Install the downloaded zip tool runs to set up the file – be mindful that some antivirus software might alarm you.

MSI Kombustor

Now let us take a glance at MSI Kombustor before diving into MSI Afterburner’s features. This is MSI’s benchmark software, which is quite good and enables you to conduct benchmarks at multiple configurations.  So it is excellent for presenting you the specifics of the test as you execute it. Of course, it can also preserve a log file for additional inspection, and it’s a highly trustworthy benchmarking software in context.

It used to be downloadable straight from MSI’s website but now you can access it through this link. For optimal results, get the most current edition, similarly to MSI Afterburner.

When To Use Msi Afterburner (And How?)

All of it is set up and you’re ready to plunge into the realm of overclocking. But, while you go there are a few things you must be aware of.

They are-

  • According to performing any type of external change to any system of your PC, particularly delicate ones like the GPU and CPU.
  • This indicates that you must overclock your GPU in moderate, relatively equal steps instead of assuming the optimal performance.

A Glimpse On MSI Afterburner Feature


Three buttons are featured just below the Afterburner symbol in the highest rank: Kombustor, Help, and Information. If you do have it installed, the ‘Kombustor’ button will be accessible. If you wouldn’t, you still might click it to get to the download button.

Here are a few simple notes-

  • As explained previously, Kombustor is a benchmark tool that is appropriate for post-overclocking testing.
  • Nevertheless, there are other, better, and more complete benchmark software systems available, such as FurMark, 3DMark, and Unigine Heaven, which highly suggest you use.
  • The ‘Help’ option just takes you to the Afterburner webpage, even though this is most likely the outcome of a recent makeover and will be reintroduced shortly.
  • The ‘Information’ button, in turn, will provide you with some basic CPU and GPU specifications, and nothing that can’t be better examined using a different tool, including such CPU-Z.

MSi Afterburner 2

The Essential Buttons

  • A most essential element of its utilization is to increase or decrease the power of the GPU.
  • Power Limit‘ will modify the primary GPU power limit if your card permits it.
  • To get that performance boost with consistency, you must have other settings synced with ‘Core Clock.’
  • To ensure a stable process, you should get everything else set up before executing ‘Memory Clock.’
  • The ‘Fan Speed‘ slider directly below is used to adjust the master GPU fan speed and therefore is set to ‘Auto’ by default, which is the best option.

The Supplemental Buttons

1.    Beneath the most substantial portion of the program, there are three crucial buttons: ‘Settings,’ ‘Reset,’ and ‘Apply.’
2.     Tools for Monitoring
3.     And, the scanner

After that, you may apply the settings in Afterburner. It’s also a great idea to save them in a different structure so you can simply move between both two modes.

Final thoughts

While overclocking is not the only function of MSI Afterburner, it is the finest tool. It’s one of the most overclocking tools, how straightforward it is to install. MSI Afterburner is easy to install on your PC. You just choose the installation language, confirm the license agreement, and modify the setup file if you are dissatisfied with the default mode.


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