How to Know how much CSGO Skin Is Worth

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is an exciting video game. Aside from the numerous suspense, thrills, and lots of adventures players get to enjoy; dozens of in-game features would get you hooked.

One of such features is the skins.

Skins are the goldmine in CSGO. With skins, you get to customize your game character and build it to the ideal style you’ve dreamed of.

Skins are good, but most game players can’t pinpoint the worth of their skin — it’s a real struggle and quite painful if you undervalue your skin and sell it at a lower rate in the market place.

Hint: the value of your CSGO skin is slightly dependent on the perceived value. Other players will pay more for it if they see it as a valuable item, and less would be paid for the skin if it’s seen as a tool of less value.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is designed with an insane skin economy. Some skins are quite cheap, while others are expensive — you’d need to use your student loans to get these kinds of skins.

To get the most out of your skins, you’ve got to know how to access their value. If you can’t access the value of your skin, then you’d lose some cash.

If the value of your CSGO skins is correctly determined, you will sell the skin at a favorable price in one of the best sites for selling CS: GO skins.

Before delving into ways of determining the worth of your CSGO skins, you should know the origin of your skin price and where it comes from.

CSGO Skin Price — Where does it come from?

CSGO skin prices are usually dependent on three factors — the skin’s unique features, skin rarity, and skin float (wear and tear).

Skin Float

The quality of imagery usually determines the level of skin float (wear and tear).

In CS: GO, there are usually five levels of wear and tear — Battle-Scarred, Field-Tested, Factory New, Well-Worn, and Minimal Wear.

These float levels are usually assigned a float number — the Battle-Scarred has a float number of 0.45 – 1.00, the Well-Worn has a float number of 0.38 – 0.45, the Field-Tested has a float number of 0.15 – 0.38, the Minimal Wear has a float number of 0.07 – 0.15, while the Factory New has a float number of 0.00 – 0.07.

Here’s the thing, you can quickly determine the quality of the skin by looking at the skin float. Factory New is the best — it’s flawless.

Skin value is mostly dependent on the wear and tear — the high wear on the skin, the lesser the price.

Furthermore, some skins don’t lose their imagery; instead, they lose their color opacity. For instance, the wearier the AK-47 orbit versions becomes, the darker it gets. These kinds of skins possess lasting qualities than others.

Skin Rarity

Rarity has a significant impact on the price of the skin. It’s a pretty basic economic principle — the more frequent the skin, the cheaper it becomes. And if the skin is rare, then the price is expected to be on the high end.

Since most of the skin are found in weapons cases, to open these weapon cases, you’d need an in-game key. And to get an in-game key, you’d need to spill out some cash.

Keys cost $1 to $2.50. By considering the percentage probability of getting a specific skin (i.e. rarity) and the cost of the total number of keys required to open the weapon cases, then you’d get an idea of the worth of the skin.

Hint: It’s not cheap

That’s not all…

You also need to consider the weapon (or equipment) the skin would be used on. Skins for valuable weapons like the AK-47 would have a higher cost than skins of rarely used weapons.

Skin Special Features

CSGO is a competitive game. To keep up with your competition, you’ve got to be skilled, and your survival skills should be excellent.

The game is pretty fair. If you’re not skilled and can’t survive some pretty tough situations, you won’t go far.

However, some unique features would go a long way to help you outplay your competition in the game.

These special features include StatTrak Skins and Souvenir skins.

StatTrak Skins

StatTrak skins have a significant impact on the value of the skin.

The idea is quite simple…

StatTrak takes a count on the number of actions performed. For weapons, it records the number of kills, while musical kits record the number of times the music has been played. There’s no way to outsmart the system — the number registered is the actual number of times an action has been performed.

When the weapon (or equipment) is listed on the market and traded, the counter resets and starts from zero.

StatTrak skins are highly priced, and they’re usually orange in the player’s inventory.

Souvenir Skins

Souvenir skins are quite expensive, and they’re usually dropped during Valve-sponsored and major tournaments.

Furthermore, souvenir skins are designed with unobtainable and original stickers.

AWP Dragon Lore, a souvenir skin was sold for over $60,000 — It’s the most expensive skin sold in the game. Other kinds of AWP Dragon Lore may be close to $2,000.

You see, these skins are super expensive, and players have to shell out huge cash to get them.

Knowing the value of your skin is essential, but it’s of no use if you don’t know where to sell it.

Here are a couple of places to sell your CSGO skin and cash out.

Private offers

You can manually reach out a couple of persons who want to buy your skin.

This strategy is pretty good since you get the opportunity to negotiate and get a juicy deal.

Steam Market

The steam market is great to place to sell, but it’s made up of good buyers and bad ones.

Third-party marketplaces

Several private market places are designed to help you sell your skins. This way, you get to sell your skins and enjoy your goodies without going through the steam market.

Conclusion — What’s the value of your skin?

Your skin worth is dependent on the amount of money you get paid for them.

With little effort and excellent negotiation skills, you’d be able to get an outstanding deal for your skin and also enjoy extra benefits.

What’s more, you can sell your skin at a high price and also transfer the funds into your PayPal account without much hassle.

Incredible! Isn’t it?

So, how much are you willing to sell your CSGO Skin?

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